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Live from Riu Bachata...Nov 14


We arrived safe & sound. Check in was a breeze, as everything was ready & waiting for us in the Lobby.

We are in building 10, with a nice garden view outside our patio door. The room has been refurbished with a new colour scheme of royal blue & white…very refreshing from the floral colors of before !!

Food is excellent & if you go away from the buffet hungry that is your own fault, as there is plenty to choose from !!

We took a walk down to what was the MAMBO & is now known as The Merengue Village. A very forlorn looking area now, with little or no activity !! A few people laying around the pool & only 1 person in the bar area…no food in the pool side restaurant !! There is a beach bar down by the water & it has beer on tap, pop/sodas, limited liquor, orange juice & one other drink mix. Access to the dinning room is roped off.

The Merengue is not at full capacity…I would say about 70%…lots of beach loungers to be had, so you don’t need to play “the towel game:” early in the morning !! The Bachata is at about 75-80% capacity & there is lots of loungers at the beach & at the pool available too.

A bit of good news…we were talking with Freddy (General Manager) & he was saying that WiFi will soon be available in the rooms! He didn’t know if it was going to be free access or if there was going to be a fee…they were still working on that aspect !! I f this happens before we leave here next week, I will be sure to left you know!!

That is it for now…hoping to catch the Michael Jackson show this evening.


How exciting!! Wish I were there now too - but not booked until Feb. Thanks so much for the update. Any news on the ships? Are the little huts still down in the bay area? Take care and enjoy your holiday!


helmers…I tried to post this afternoon about the Cruise Port, but computer kept kicking me out ! Will do a posting tomorrow !!
Huts are still down in the Bay area, but looked pretty deserted. Will do a check on that during the week & let you know !!


I too will be interested in what is going on with the construction of the new cruise port.



Fri Nov 16… had a wonderful day, with lots of sunshine. Rain came in late this afternoon & poured for a good 30minutes & then cleared off. We ate at the Italian a la carte tonight & we were very pleased with our meal ! Can’t believe that we’ve finished 2 1/2 days !! going by so quickly!!


Enjoy! I know, once there it seems as though time passess by so quickly.


Mon Nov 19…we’ve got 1 full day remaining of our vacation. :frowning: It has been a fabulous week…perfect weather during the day, lots of sunshine & hot, hot, hot !!