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Live Web Cam

Is there any new web cams working been trying the one from Dreams but it been down since they update their web site >:D. I always enjoy viewing live pictures from Punta Cana… :sunglasses:

[font size=“3”]Me too.
Unfortunately I don’t know of any active ones at the moment. Those that do get set up tend to have a short lifespan. The humidity and salt laden atmosphere tends to do them in quickly. As an aside, I took some battery powered led lights for use on the patio in the evening. After a mere two weeks, they never worked right again. [/font]

I hear you Bob I keep checking hoping that they replace or fix the one at Dreams I think you hooked me up with that site a few years back :slight_smile:

This one is working. Royal Suites Turquesa. Got to love this picture.


Gracias. And it seems to update every second. Nice.

Maybe it just me but I’ve try a few time but does seem to come in… :expressionless:

Sometimes it takes a few minutes and other times it just will not it depends on how many are online I believe. Have a faith, like now when I checked it didn’t work on the beach but it did on the pool. :slight_smile:

Ok… funny thing it comes in on my iPad but not my laptop… but I love it :sunglasses:

was hoping to be able to see it but it won’t let me…

iamnancy, click on pool view its working, beach view is not

It changes everyday depending on how many people are viewing. Just keep trying at different times of the day.

Leggs is right it’s been working for some time now each day the pool or the beach will come in better diffence days. :slight_smile:

I have a list of some web cams on my web site here. I have been looking and looking for cams and there are now many out there.

The one from my window I put up sometimes but it is on the 3rd floor and its not easy to make out all the action in the street from this height.