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Local or not?


AS for the term local or not, most people I know will refer to themselves as ie; Torontonion etc. But I am traveling to the D.R. next week for 2 weeks and I will ask my friends what they prefer, as of now I am trying to secure a day pass for a couple of young university students from D.R. to spend a day with us .I was especially referring to members on line that refer (negative)when describing, there were a lots of locals or there families messing up pools and making things uncomfortable. They are families maybe lucky enough to be able to go away for a week-end at the hotel so why shouldn’t they have fun I love it and love to watch the kids playing and enjoying, so maybe you are the ones that are to a little to sensitive and possibly could be more sensitive, I see lots of visitors being so rude , that we would not tolerate here. So be kind to each other and to those who are less fortunate.


Well, well, well, what a deep topic to discuss!

I’ll throw this snake on the table and see what happens?

Perhaps some people have a feeling of entitlement to the minuscule patch of earth that they are renting for the one or two week period that they are in the DR.

Maybe for some, they do not see the locals as their brothers and sisters and have some convoluted sense of stratification?

I have no problems with locals enjoying the amenities of the property that I am a guest at and am pleased to share. I think we have to be supportive and encourage the Hotel and our North American/European friends to also be supportive.

At the end of the day we are all Gods children, some just don’t recognize it!


Some of the “stay on the resort” types are not aware of the fact that not all Dominicans serve them their meals or pour them a drink.

I love seeing Dominican people enjoying the resorts and as a general statement they are much more polite and concious of others than many tourists.

I have also brought friends into the resort on a day pass and it is a wonderful experience. It is nice to share some time with children who are grateful just to be there and act accordingly.


For lack of a better word, the “locals” visited our resort on the weekends. The only difference I noted was that they were better behaved and better dressed than the rest of the guests.


Bob…I 100% agree with you! That has also been my experience.


My experince was at the Grand Flamenco 3yrs ago at easter time…the Dominicans that stayed at the hotel for the holiday left all their dishes glasses etc with food still on them under their pool chairs on the grass, everywhere…they sat at the swim up bar all day and night and never got out of the water and with the amount of acohol that the were drinking you don’t have to guess where they were going pee…the children ran around like crazy and were jumping off the bridge into to the pool even thought the hotel securtiy had told them many times to stop…there was no parent control here they were to busy drinking and and eating…and being rude to the people who worked in the hotel, if they talked to a hotel worker her like they did to the ones there they would have been asked to leave the hotel…we left our chair to go to the bar and came back a few mins later and our stuff was on the ground and they had actually taken our chairs!!! we know it was ours as my bandana was still tied to the one they were laying on!!! This might be an extreme case but I will never visit the DR at Easter again …


I have no problem with anyone staying on the resort. My beef is that they sell day or weekend passes to others and they don’t increase their staff. I don’t begrudge the Dominican people a good time on the resort, just staff according to your numbers. If you owned a restaurant and you knew you were in for a busy night, you would bring in extra staff to deal with it. I have never experienced the kind of thing Hula did, I found the kids very well behaved and polite. Sadly the same could not be said about their parents who were incredibly rude to the staff.


I’ve noticed the parents being rude to the staff on two occasions. Very haughty. I was admiring one of the children from my table and our waitress rolled her eyes and clenched her teeth. I say that extra staff would definitely be in order during holiday times.


I have a different story …2 years ago at the Jack Tar in Puerto Plata during the week before Easter week had a group from Santo Domingo stay at the resort… I’m not sure if they were drug dealers but they had way way too much $$$ for their age. They would park their BMW SUV where ever they liked and had their own music blasting near the pool, they would get served first at any bar . I must admit they were fine to talk to , but they music and attitude left alot of people upset.


I recall last year being at the Azzurro Resort at Cabarete on a week-end when it was probably full of clientel from the local area. Doesn’t matter what the term “local” means. Hotels and resorts have a responsibility to provide “service” to all those who have “paid the price”. It doesn’t matter if they are from the DR, France, Germany, Canada, U.S. etc. I did find that on that week-end I became “invisible” at the bar and the preference was given to local patrons. Level the playing field at the resort and no one will care who is there or where they are from !


I have no problem with the local Dominican people at resorts. If they can pay, they can play and stay. I did have problems on two separate occasions with not the “locals” but with people from a certain part of CANADA :-X :-X :-X :-X
I’m not going to mention WHERE but I think a lot of you know who I’m talking about. I will get many nasty replies I’m sure. lol :wink: :wink:

this particular group of people were jumping in a jacuzzi after being told numerous times not to. They were loud, rude, abnoxious and thought they ran the whole resort. I have never witnessed this kind of behavior ever.

My problem is with these “types” not the “local Dominican people.” It is their country after all. Also, it’s an educational experience. I love learning about other peoples cultures.
I can not wait to go back to their beautiful country.


I certainly agree with Kelba! And what she was referring to IS NOT an isolated incident.

I am sensing that some people simply do not like Dominicans, of course I could be way off base. If that is the case it sure seems like an unlikely destination.

Personally I find the Dominican people the absolute most wonderful people I have ever met. I must admit that my first impression was not very positive but over the years I have learned to respect these people and consider many of them part of my extended family.

I am sure that there have been times when a few isolated incidents like stated above have happened but like I said that is more the exception than the rule. I just don’t want new tourists to get the wrong opinion of the Dominican people.


Sadly all nations have “Lager Louts” and I have certainly had more trouble with fellow tourists that have overindulged on the AI alcohol than I have ever had with Dominicans even when I go off resort to Dominican bars, in fact I don’t think I have ever seen a drunk and disorderly Dominican, many many merry ones but never D & D! I think for the most part they are too laid back! As regards taking over resorts I have seen many families at the same resort as me but never felt intimidated by them rather enjoyed talking to them about holidays they have had compared to my holidays.

Just my not too humble opinion of course.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


hi everyone . I agree with Jimmy these I types I would call locals anywhere , I "m with Phil and Jill all the way.,my feelings are the same and I know exacty who Kelba is referring too . I agree. Well I’m off to-day to D.R.for a wonderful time.


There are different types of people throughout the world with different colored skin and attitudes. We are all people of this great planet we call earth. I have met many fine Dominican people and of course the occasionally rude one. In saying that this could apply to anyone ,from any nation. To categorize a certain race of people or a nation as a bunch of rude ignorant people is totally wrong. Every person has a difference of opinion on what they require in a resort for example to be left alone at the pool or to be served in with a smile.
I guess what I’m trying to state is if you go to a certain resort with an attitude that things will go wrong then they will because you will find something to complain about. The Dominican people are a fun loving group of people who just like everyone else loves to have a great time. Of course there will be one or two who when on a resort on a day pass may be rude but there are guest from all over the world who can and are rude also. :sunglasses:


I too have never been bothered by residents of a country on or off a resort, both in the DR or Mexico.

The only thing I found unsettling at our DR resort was seeing the beautiful young Dominican women having breakfast with their white, middle-aged sex touristas the following morning.