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Location of Marina Chapelin?

Can someone give me the location of where the Marina Chapelin is situated? From what someone was telling me, is that there is a pirate ship(La Espanola/El Galeon)? that you can sail on for three hours with lunch and drinks included? Would someone like to confirm this?

Here’s a link to the upper portion of the Varadero peninsula showing the location of the marina next to Aquaworld.


Sorry, can’t comment on the El Galeon excursion. It isn’t listed on my most recent excursion list for Varadero and to be honest, I’ve never heard of it. I’ve never seen a galleon ship moored at the marina either.

That link doesn’t seem to work.

Have a look at:




and for location, see http://www.cubaroutes.com/show.aspx?type=NA&cod=17&lng=2

[quote=@beardo]That link doesn’t seem to work.


That’s odd beardo.

Link works fine from my location and laptop, both in post preview mode and stand alone with my Mozilla browser.

Excellent link for the excursions btw. I’ve bookmarked that one!

jetpilot:- my link is for a two part map of the Varadero peninsula I scanned and submitted to Debbie’s maplady files. They are on the last page along with various resort layout maps.

If you go to webshots.com and search for user maplady, you’ll be able to access from there if you have problems with the direct link in my previous post.

I’ve had trouble accessing Webshots from Cuba too. For whatever reason it’s sometimes restricted there. Jetpilot should have no problems bringing it up…

I am actually in Miami !

I tried again, this time it came up fine - must have been a temporary glitch.

Thanks everybody!! That’s exactly what I am looking for :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: