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Locks or zip ties?


Do you recomend using a lock or those plastic zip ties that you just cut for our suitcases? I heard it might be better to use the zip ties but I’m afraid that it’s too easy to cut open and steal something out of there. On the other hand, if for any reason security wants to check the contents of my suitcase without me there I heard it can delay my luggage or even wreck my suitcase.

what should I do? We leave in a week…

Thanks for any suggestions!


I do not know why you would want to render your bags like Fort Knox, first of all, if anyone wants to get in, they will, no matter what you do. We just use the locks supplied with our luggage and never… have had anything stolen in the DR, or anywhere else for that matter we have been going to the DR for the last 7 years running, twice a year. Feel confident and nothing will happen
have a nice trip


locks all the way.

If someone wants in, at least I will know about it. AND if they are into riffling through luggage they may move on to easier prey if they see mine locked up


I would think it would make very little difference which you use locks or zip ties as if they want to get into your luggage they will. However in all the years of traveling to the DR we have never had ours opened and nothing was ever taken from it :sunglasses:


I use locks AND the cable ties because a couple of years ago my friend returned home with items missing from her locked suitcase. On that same trip, I had items missing from the front pouch of my suitcase that didn’t have a lock on it. I wasn’t missing anything of any real value but my friend was missing a brand new hair dryer and curling iron along with some rum. I worry about my luggage sitting around for hours before I board the plane so I figure if I make it look too hard they will move on to easier prey.


We haven’t used anything the last couple of years because of the airport security measures. Maybe it’s just in the US but I’m pretty sure they told us not to lock the luggage cause they’d just have to break the locks if they chose to inspect it. At any rate nothing has been taken with no locks at all…but also, I never pack valuables in checked luggage.


never pack valuables in checked baggage as luv said. plus you can buy locks at walmart that have a special logo on it (can;t remember the name) that all air port securities can unlock without breaking it (they have the master key) its a red logo



I believe michelle is correct. You can lock your bags with I think they are TSI locks. They have a symbol on the front which indicates they are travel security locks and the baggage people can get into them if necessary. These can be purchased at a luggage store or I got mine at Target.


we use zip ties more to tell if anyone has been in our bags rather than to keep them out


The TSA locks I have let you know if it was opened by a red dot green if not opened


We use zip ties - more to tell if the bags have been opened or not. My husband travels to the US often and he uses zip ties that arent completely tight (but are locked). The US Customs check his bags every time (they put a postcard in the suitcase to say it has been opened) but if there is a little slack in the zip tie - they are able to do it back up and usually do.


I use locks and suitcase straps… the straps are just in case the suitcase zipper breaks, not that it would help alot…
Nothing valuable except on the way back as the golden necture (rum) and coffee are included. Use to carry on the rum, but not anymore…


I havent had any problems with the TSA locks, but they dont always put the locks back on, and they have NEVER put a note in my suitcase.


I wasn’t aware that stateside they do random baggage checks and on a recent trip to New York, my daughter debated using the zip tie or the lock, she chose the lock which was broken upon inspection and she did get the inspection note. Now since I know about the TSA locks, I will use them next trip.


We use the magnetic locks on the main portion of the bags we were told when we bought them that the airports have the “special” magnet that opens them at the bottom ( no not every magnet will work,) and to anyone else it is just a combination lock. They’re about 1.5 inches long and bigger and they have a 4 number code to unlock but they have a ssmall circlular magnet on the bottom of the lock… this way they can get in and out and lock it again, if they need in they will get in leaving it available for easy access for the next one.
On our sports equiptment we don’t comprimise its a fortrice lock on the golf bag… :-[
maybe i don’t trus tas much as I should