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Long distance calling

Just wondering if anyone knows what the least expensive method to make a call from the DR to Canada is? I have to phone my elderly mother as least twice while I’m there. E-mail is not an option. Thanks

If you are in any area that has interaction with the real DR and it people, there are disposable cell phones for sale many places, they they come with a few minutes included and you can but cards to add minutes. you can call NA for around 10 cents a minute. I purchased a “real” cell phone a Motorola new with charger from Claro for around 30 U$ and have used on a couple of trips now even though your number expires after three months you can just buy another sim card or “chip” as it is referred to in DR. The “cheapest” I have found so far.
PS to get a phone or a chip from Claro or Orange you may need to show your passport.

Anyone use Skype to call home? I know that some resorts now have WiFi available. I have it on my laptop and just wondering if it works OK from Punta Cana . We’ll be at the Palladium next month and I see that they have free WiFi in the lobbies now, so I thought this might be a calling option.

Skype works great.

Thanks Wud…must take my new little netbook.