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Look out Mexico here comes the Deputy

Well she’s on her way now and I hope Mexico is ready for the Deputy, they’d better have a lot of rum ready, she’s been waiting. I wonder if she remembered her spare “snap-on-liver”… ;D :wink:

Jake, eh

hmmm, where would a person get one of those … :wink:

ya i would like to get one for my hunny!!!

As a matter of fact lynnb, we include one with every order of our famous “Shoe-Bootie-Crocs ;)”. They are: 1/2 shoe, 1/2 rubber boot and 1/2 crocs…I know what you’re thinking ::), but remember, we here in Canada use the metric system, so we can make anything work out :D.
I hope the Deputy remembered to take extra filters along, she will prolly be needing them ;D ;).

Jake, eh

Well lin04, we could add your name to the waiting list, but there are no guarantees. Plus the training course is quite intensive, do you think he’d be up for it :D?

Jake, eh

hey think i seen those on one of those infomercials!

Infomercials…girl you’ll see them everywhere that you find “liver abusers” ;D :wink: and yes that does include the infomercials, but only the ones that are on in the wee hours of the morning, due to mature subject matter :o ;).

Jake, eh

oh oh, now i’m embarrassed lol

D’oh! I misses saying adios before she left! Deputy, have a blast AND a Negra Modelo for me if don’t mind! Looking forward to lots of pics with that snazzy new camera! :slight_smile:

Some how Bubbletoes, I think we all know deep down that the Old Dawg is going to have a blast ;D. The pictures should be “gooder” too with that camera she bought, of course it’s nothing but the best for the Deputy:wink:

Jake, eh

I think I heard a thunk or two last night.
It sounded like it came from Mexico,

I wonder if she is going to arrest the bartender and
take all the " evidence " for further study.

We should be hearing soon, as her time there is almost up. I have only had two emails requesting replacement filters for a “snap-on-liver”, so it my not be quite as bad as we first expected ;D.

Jake, eh

Well we have arrived on the other side. Weather here is great and minus 40 at home. I know your trip is almost done. Hope you had a great time. Picked up our beers, rum, bailies,and southern comfort. Should be good for at least a few days.
As I write this the ocean is calm and the sun shinnig. Guess its time to go down to the beach. Have a safe trip home Deputy…