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Looking at Cuba in 2 weeks for vacation

I stumbled across this website and though I’d post.

Hubby and I want to get away in 2 weeks, without kids. Having never been to Cuba we want clean hotel, decent food, decent activities and not a hotel with families since we are leaving our kids at home. We are looking at selloffvacations and such but we just cannot decide what hotel we should look at. We’d love to do a few day trips, swimming with the dolphins and snorkelling is a must for us. What would you all recommend?

As for what I’ve been reading it seems that it would be a good idea to bring a bunch of stuff to give away? What kinda of things should I bring?

As a planner, totally type A person the thought of having to book now and leave in two weeks if really scary. :slight_smile: It will be the first time we leave our kids too so we want some romance too.

I’d welcome any suggestions. We are coming from Canada so what about money exchange? can we use our credit cards? How much money will we need for the extras? What about souveniers for the kids?

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll handle the last question…

Everything you need to know about Money Exchange:


Have fun.

:slight_smile: Welcome to the board.

In a nut shell, you will find all the info you are asking for by using the search feature.

However, I would suggest you look into are Breezes Jibacoa that would take care of: adults only, a day trip to Havana and your snorkelling “requirement”. Haven’t been there myself but I know it’s popular with lots of folks on this board.

I would also suggest you look into the Melia Cayo Santa Maria, which offers you snorkelling and adults only, a fabulous beach (and a clothing optional portion of the beach) and your 90 minute bus ride from the airport is a great way to see a lot of the Cuban countryside and the way some folks live (if you travel during the daytime).

Not sure what you budget is but you could also look into the Paradisus Rio de Oro - adults only and very romantic. Fabulous food. The snorkelling was pretty good when we were there but that was a couple of years ago.

There is a “Money Exchange” thread up near the top that will give you all sorts of info regarding exchanging money (you can’t exchange your Canadian into Cuban currency before you go). Make sure your credit cards are issued by a Canadian banking institution.

There are very informative discussions about what you can bring in the way of gifts and tips. Again, use the search feature.

Do you have a couple of resorts in mind already?

Good luck with your search! :-*

Breezes Jibacoa is a great resort but it’s not for everyone’s taste. We love it and go back yearly. You have to keep in mind that it is remote with no towns within walking distance & no bus service. It’s halfway between Varadero and Havana. It’s a quiet resort (no party central) and attracts mainly 45+ age bracket (heavy on the +) especially during high season. This is a resort popular with people who want to get away from it all yet still be close to Havana. All the tours offered out of Varadero are available from BJ so you aren’t cut off that way. Walking, off resort, is safe and interesting as you are in farm country. Easy snorkeling right off the beach. If you do consider this resort I would recommend the oceanview rooms, if they fit into your budget.

Do you have a particular area in mind? Are you looking for a particular price range or rating ie. 5*?