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Looking for a romantic places in barbados


i just wanted to know if any one has found any nice romantic places in barbados so i can take my wife to and spend a nice romantic night. ;D


i babe ;D looks like it’s me and you :-* :-* :-*

well nobody have anything to say will have to find some romantic place to go, when we’re down there, :-* :-*


Hey there…

Not sure what kind of budget you’re on…An extremely nice romantic restaurant on the South Coast by the name of Champers is wonderful (located in Hastings). You can sit right by the water and watch the sun set…I’d advise to make reservations in advance. Re: the budget, it is on the higher end restaurant scale.

Bellini’s Trattoria is also nice (located in St. Lawrence Gap): http://www.barbados.org/rest/bellinis/index.htm

The Roundhouse is especially beautiful as it’s located at an elevated level and the view is spectacular (This is located in Bathsheba): http://www.roundhousebarbados.com/dining.htm

I’m not exactly sure where on the island you’ll be, but there are a few places to check out. Good luck and enjoy!


hey babe ;D i was hoping that maybe someone will give me some good places but if i keep my fingers crossed we still can have a sunset supper :-* :-*


Did you miss the above posting??


i should of posted a reply earlier to you pati but i thank you for the info it can and will be very useful so once again thank you ;D


No problem…I hope you have a wonderful trip!