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Looking for a walk in snorkeling resort

We have never been to DR and we are hoping to go sometime in May, June.  We are pretty laid back folks, not really interested in dressing all up to go to al la cart restaurants on site, so a more relaxed AI would be great.  Having said that we love great food including, seafood huge variety and we are very adventurous.  The one thing we always try to include in the AI we stay in is walk in snorkeling.  I know there are great excursions and we have done a lot but is there a few AIs that have walk in snorkeling and a lot less water motorized traffic. The Catalonia Royal has come up in some discussions.  The area we are looking at is Punta Cana, unless there are other suggestions. Thanks Janice

Sorry, Punta Cana is a great area, but you’ll not likely find ‘walk in’ snorkeling there. Almost all of the organized trips will take you across the east tip of the island to the south coast where the snorkeling is much better. It’s not all that long a trip, but it’s not ‘walk in’.

The Grand Paradise at Pto. Plata is great for snorkeling. There is a reef/rock pile about 100 yards off shore with lots of fish to look at.

Casa Marina in Sosua is a short walk to the main beach with some of the best snorkeling on the north coast.


The Catalonia Bavaro / Royal does indeed have walk-in snorkeling just off shore. It’s not the greatest but it is free.

I just returned from the Blau Natura Park which is close by and found a great little walk-in snorkeling spot there too.

I am planning to visit DR very soon so this thread makes some useful collection of information.I heard the name of the Blau Natura Park not sure how was it.Can any one know something in detail about this place?If so please share for me. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: