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Looking for an all inclusive resort where we can snorkel from the beach and see fish, corral in calm water

Looking for an all inclusive resort where we can snorkel from the beach and see fish, corral in calm water.


Hello @dougm welcome to Debbies forum. I am sure that @eeeefarm , @wossa1 or other members who like to snorkel will be able to help you. Do you have preference where you go on your vacation?

There are lots of resorts in Cuba that could meet your needs. Calm water can’t be guaranteed since water conditions vary with weather conditions, but some are more sheltered than others. The best bet of all is probably Los Corales (Santiago) with its protective reef and very shallow water, if you don’t mind staying at a Cuban three star resort. It would help to know your budget and whether or not adults only would work for you. Melia Buenavista at Cayo Santa Maria is good, but is pricey and adults only. Time of year also makes a big difference, e.g. Jibacoa in Cuba is great in late spring and early fall, but in winter high waves and Portuguese Man 'O War can be an issue. If you don’t need the “wow” factor, I have seen a lot of interesting things at Santa Lucia, and it is sheltered by a barrier reef.

If Cuba doesn’t interest you there are good places in Mexico, e.g. Akumal, where you will see a lot of turtles and rays. Another possibility would be the Bay Islands of Honduras, particularly Roatan. I’m sure there are many other places, but these are the ones I am most familiar with.


Thank you eeefarm. We will read up on your suggestions.
We’re planning on going on approximately April 1st for 10 days. We have been to Cuba and felt we got good value for our $s but the ocean was really too rough and there was no snorkeling off shore. We preferred Jamaica, Aruba and Curacao but the places we were at (which we loved) have got very expensive.

Some examples of snorkelling available at the places I have recommended. First, Los Corales.

Melia Buenavista, Cayo Santa Maria:

Santa Lucia:


Jibacoa (Memories or Villas…under Varadero on travel sites)

Akumal, Mexico:




We are now looking at Roatan, infinity Bay Resort and/or Henry Morgan Resort. Any thoughts or suggestions? The reviews of snorkeling sound great. Thanks for looking…doug

Hi Doug. I stayed at Paradise Beach Hotel, which I chose because of size (small) and location. My trip was in 2013, so I can’t confirm current conditions at West Bay, but I would recommend this hotel. I was there with friends and we enjoyed it very much. Here’s a link to my review.

We stayed at the original hotel, not the “Oceanic” which is another, bigger section if I recall correctly. Reading recent reviews, it seems West Bay is getting much busier! There are other options on the island which might be worth checking out. Also, there are condos for rent, but if I were going back I would consider this.

We snorkelled right in front and close to shore was pretty good. But it isn’t all inclusive.

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Thank you eeeefarm…doug

Hi eeeefarm,
Just read your review and sounds like what we’re looking for. Again thank you for taking the time to respond. Your snorkeling reports are helping us make our decision. We too will be flying out of Toronto.

Bear in mind that my review is from 2013, and things may be different now. That said, you should also consider medication for Malaria (I took it while I was there) as a precaution, or at the very least protect yourself from mosquitoes. I think the risk is fairly low, but worth considering or discussing with a travel clinic or your doctor…

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Will check this out…thank you…