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Looking for Grooms attire ideas


Most of the threads i’ve found are geared towars the bride’s attire.
What’s the groom and groomsmen to do?
What do people think about guayaberas (formal latin american usually light colored linen shirts) short or long sleeves for the groomsmen and a casual light colored suit for the groom. On top of that what kind of shoes!!! I know my fiance does not like sandals, and forget about flip flops… but he is really on a tight spot if we are going to go thru our beach wedding. Shoes may be ok, for the reception but he may just have to go barefoot, then i don’t want to see ashy feet.

Any ideas? What are the groom/groomsmen planning at your parties?
shoes and attire ???


My groom is wearing the wedding shirt from www.shakatime.com
Our groomsmen are also wearing Hawaiian shirts. My groom will be wearing khaki pants and sandals.