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Looking for Public Hotspots in Punta Cana

As I will be there for 2 months- I need to keep in touch with my business and friends. We are not staying at an AI- therefore I am looking for a hotspot NOT located in a resort. Does anyone know of one? My hubby seems to think that Steves is- Is this true?


Steve’s Bar has wifi definitely.

I am not certain if there is wifi at Posada di Piedro in Cortecito.


For a nice layed back, great view of the ocean right next door to the EdenH at Soles Chill Out bar they have Wifi for paying customers.

Hope you have a great 2 month vacation in the DR.

When you leaving? Maybe we could meet up for a beer sometime.

Bon voyage

Rachel :sunglasses:

careful with Rachel,
that lad is never drinking only one, ha ha.
Steve’s has wifi, Soles has wifi, la posada de piedra had planned to put wifi on, too, i just did not ask during the last visits if the set it up, yet, will be there and check it out tomorrow.
anyways too much wind for fishing, plenty of time for some more greenies, lol.
happy holidays

Thanks Rachel,Wud and Mike. We will be arriving Jan. 30th- hope to meet with you. I’m glad to be certain of the wifi because 2 months is a long time to be incommunicado…sp???


Soles is a thing of the past, unless they have rebuilt somewhere. As for wifi hot spots…

La Lenas Coffee Shop
Pala Pizza
Le Belga
High Wave
Casa de Piedra
New York Deli
Tony Roma’s
Hard Rock Cafe
Akai Restaurant

Those are a few that are spread about the area and easy to access!