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Los Corales Hotel


Has anyone been to this hotel in Santiago? Planning a winter getaway and know this area would be nice and hot for Feb. Also how far is it from the airport?


Los Corales is about 60 km from the airport. Better check thoroughly but it might be one that a Cuban friend in town said was gone in the hurricane just as Club Buccanero in Santiago was wiped out.


We have been to this hotel (2010). I enjoyed my trip. I like to go to different places, so can’t say if I’ll be back anytime soon, but I would go back if the price/timing was right for me. We just got back from the Villa Jibacoa, and this is a real gem, located halfway between Veradero/Havana. Lots of great places in Cuba.


We were there Jan. 2012. It is about 1 hour by bus to the airport. (Probably less time now, the bus does not stop at Buccanero).
There’s a small town about 4 km to the east. A nice bicycle ride and a bar to quench your thirst. The resort has (had) good bikes, but that was a year ago… Take your own.
I would return, but my wife has higher expectations for food so I would be going single.
Anything else?


I was there last January. I posted a review at that time. Definitely would go back. Sandy did some damage, but they opened fairly soon after the hurricane and I believe they are operating normally at this time. Pretty decent snorkelling, and yes, you can depend on the weather. :smiley:



thanks for the info… hope the prices drop for the week we want to go. at the moment the prices are crazy high (imo)

Also Ibia from the Club Buccanero wrote to us to let us know she is now working at the Los Corales Hotel.

here is part of what she wrote to us. “most of the staff from CB is working at Carisol and Los Corales Hotel Complex, I am there as well now. Our province was severely damaged. Our roof took some damage. Our family was spared, thank God.”


Oh, good to hear that Ibia is working there now. Absolutely another good reason to go back! Did you have a look at my review?


Third one down, right under the one titled “I have never been in a worse hotel” :smiley:

(mine is titled “Perfect weather, pleasant hotel”…and the other reviewer was there at roughly the same time, January 2012. Different strokes, indeed!)


thanks eeeefarm
just read your review…great info once again and even better pictures; you sure have the talent to bring out the pictures/colors of the underwaterworld. :slight_smile:

If we can find a good deal; we are definitely going to go this winter. If and when we book the LCH; we will ask you which is the best room area in your opinion. you certainly gave us the best block for CB last January and we value your input. thanks


Unless that place has really improved,I’d stay away. Check out the Sierra Mar which is close by. I wouldn’t know who runs it today but when I was there in 1999 I think it was a Superclub or Cubanacan. Anyways, I loved it there. We had friends who stayed at the Bucannero and hated it. I visited them and was not at all impressed. Of course it’s your choice.


Sierra Mar isn’t actually very close. It’s a long drive away in the opposite direction. The OP has stayed at Bucanero, as have I. Depends on what you want for your vacation. Los Corales suited me well enough, as did the now defunct Bucanero. (Hurricane Sandy didn’t leave much standing!) Of course you don’t expect 5 star amenities at 2 or 3 star prices. But the rooms were fine, the staff were friendly, and the snorkelling was more than decent. :smiley: