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Lost passport

Well we are leaving this afternoon with my whole family and yesterday afternoon my fathers lady friend discovered she had lost her passport.
My dad was so upset he couldn’t,t even drive so my brother picked them up and headed for the Hamilton passport office. They were 1st told that nothing could be done and then another passport officer who knew the system directed them to a lawyer, then to a photographer. I then received a call at 4pm to fax over the E Ticket and by 5 pm they had a new passport in hand.Also my Dad was thinking enough to bring his passport to show proof as a sponsor.
I never thought this could be done and am amazed and thankful for the effort by the passport office
I hope nobody ever loses there passport but if you do your vacation can be saved.

This is good to know.

I’m glad everything turned out so well for your father’s friend, she was extremely lucky!

Your story is also also a good reminder to double-check all your documents well before departure, and then place everything in a safe place.

I recently found myself looking everywhere for my son’s birth certificate, and I was getting quite concerned. Turns out I had put it in a safe place after our last trip… so safe that I couldn’t remember where!

Safe…but not too safe. Last year, for the first time, I put my passports in a safety deposit box at the bank. Ended up taking the old passports to the airport for a Friday night flight and could not go anywhere! Bank was on lock-down until Monday a.m. Two lessons learned there: don’t put passports in a safety deposit box and throw out your old ones!

Great last-minute passport replacement story here too:


I recently read of a family heading for Cuba who realized once at the airport checking in that the passport of their youngest child had expired last October. Since they had all gotten passports at the same time a few years ago, the parents hadn’t thought to check them ahead of time just in case. The youngest child was only 18 months old whe he got his passport and thus it was only valid for three years. They decided to all stay and finally got it sorted out the next day, new passport for the child and NEW plane tickets to Cuba for that evening. They had to pay approx. 1500$ for the flight to Cuba as it was their fault not Sunwing. The vacation ended up costing them considerably more, a lot of stress and one day less.
When we went to Holguin on Jan. 12th we overheard a couple’s troubles. They were headed for the DR and the man hadn’t thought to get his driver’s license and medicare card renewed when they expired in December (a passport is not required for the DR but 2 pieces of ID). He was able to get an affidavit drawn up at the airport in time for his flight. This couple also had to upgrade their seats as they were very overweight and it was less expensive to get an extra luggage allowance than pay the excess baggage fee for 20 kg over at 20$ per kg. They hadn’t realized they would be overweight lol among other things they had a coffee maker and an iron.
The moral of these stories, check your travel documents carefully and don’t wait until the last day to do it.

Once last silly passport story… I knew a gal who mistakenly traveled to Cuba on her sister’s passport and didn’t discover the mistake until she was already in Cuba. She was nervous as heck coming back but no one batted an eye…

good article

This weekend’s (January 31st 2009) The Toronto Star had an article on lost items in the Travel section (that included passports) that was quite good.
Quote …
“If you need emergency assistance or advice in any country call Canada’s Foreign Affairs and International Trade 24 - hours emergency hotline collect at: 613 996 8885.”

I once lost a passport here. I returned to the UK on an “emergency” passport - one trip only, and got my new one back in London. It took several people looking at it before Cuban immigration let me out.