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Lots Of Russians In Cuba

On my January visit I noticed many young Russian tourists. Have you noticed the same ?

[quote=@cubakingone]On my January visit I noticed many young Russian tourists. Have you noticed the same ?


Yes I have!

Young Russians also seem to enjoy the Dominican Republic.

Seems they enjoy vodka drinking contests as this activity brought them to our attention.

they were spending a lot more $$$ than Canadians.

Probably because they have more money than many Canadians!!

Most were in their 20 ies but I am not sure what kind of work.

I met many and I talked with some of them. Some say that they work regular jobs like people work here and some have businesses. I did not like how some of them behave specially when they are drunk but what we can do. Varadero is full of Russians.

I have not met any Russians in Cuba, but I did have a Russian couple next door in Jamaica…

One night, Nicolai decided “Tonight, I teach you to drink like Russian!!!”

Somehow, everything after 10pm is just a blur…

We had a load in Ensenachos 2 years a go and their techno music. Not pretty. Not young either much older, late 40ies to 50’s and they were not drinking vodka…they kept yelling…“Cuban rum is the best”! All day long and they could pound it back. They said they could drink vodka anytime, they wanted Cuban rum. They were the loudest tourist I have ever heard.

I have always noticed a lot of Russian’s when travelling to Cuba. Young and older. Maybe it’s just cause we don’t see many around here we tend to notice them more when there.

They do tend to enjoy their Vodka and Cuban rum for sure…but so do I!..lol

There are a lot of Russians in the Toronto area that travel to Cuba also…Witnesses a great entourage/wedding on one of our visits…

Yes - some Russians do over drink !!!

there was a wedding entourage that were hilarious to watch. The girls would enter a room like a flock of Canadian geese …in that formation, at least. by the end of the week the poor wedding coordinator said “I think they have a bit of blood still left in their veins but most is alcohol”

Last year when we in Cuba there was one Russian family, the father probably in his 30s was very aggressive with animation team he was swearing and threatening everyone he felt was challenging him he kept saying if you were in my country you would be dead but that is the only bad behavior if witnessed but then again I have also witnessed bad behavior by some Canadians.

One thing that I really do not like now when animation team starts their show we have introductions in 6 different languages. OMG it takes forever for entertainers to do their things. Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian … I personally think it is bit too much.