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Lovin' Apt living in Bavaro!

Posting from the Photo Bar. Been here for 2 weeks now and couldn’t be happier. Apt is exactly as expected. Last minute glitch with my friend who was to cook for us.(He found a job at the Majestic)…ha…now I cook for him when he stays over. We still have 6 weeks left and already we are dreading leaving. We’re really soaking up the culture. I made a few friends on
" Cortecito street" and I teach them English in exchange for Spanish lessons. I was hoping to volunteer at a school, but my spanish is sadly lacking. Next year I will be much more confident and hopefully I’ll do it next then. We are only a 5 minute walk from the beach. My hubby joined the local gym and we call him "The White Shadow " on the guagua. The local vendors don’t hassle us any more and say we are honorary Dominicans! Too funny!! :sunglasses:

I’m soooo jealous!!!

Honorary Dominicans 8-),

Sounds like so much fun Denine, looks like you are having a good time it is so different from AI.

A review of your 2months would be great: such as your trips to the marcado (which was your favorate), where did you go out for dinner, beach trips etc. I would be curious to hear how that all went.

Tx for the update.

That is to funny the “White Shadow”. My husband also takes the guagua often, one day while driving a friends car to Friusa to run errands the guy in the guagua yelled “Amigo” and waved at him to get on. lol

It is amazing how they never forget you and make friends quickly. LOL

Enjoy the rest of you vacation, it’s still cold here in Canada.