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Luggage overweight


I read on another board that there is some sort of scam in some of the DR airports where they try to charge you for excess weight (can you say, take your foot off the scale???). Has anyone had any experience with this?

This is apparently different that the airline that can to charge if your bag is over 50 pounds. Do you know how much that charge is? The American Airlines website only gives the fee for overweight bags for DOMESTIC flights? (it used to be 70 pounds.) I can barely get it to 50 pounds. The funny part is: your CARRYON is allowed 40 pounds. So, guess who’s buying a new carry-on and putting all the heavy stuff in there - ME!)

Appreciate your comments.


Foot on the scale did happen to my daughter, $7 US per kilogram that is 2.2 lbs. If you see if yell loud “Bandido’s no propina”


Wud, “Bandido’s no propina”. Could you tell me what that means in english???


loosely translated it means "bandits! no tip "

Bandits “no tips or skimming”


Thank for the tip WUD


We just came home this week and we were 15kg over…at $6 US/kg…for a total of $90. Unfortunatly there was no foot on the scale! I’ll need to shop less next time I go!


Just got back from Puerto Plata on Skyservice. A family of 4 checked in ahead of us and were a total of 40 kg over(88 lbs.) between all of them and they let them through with no extra charges.We were 2.6 kg over and nothing was said. The overweight charge for Skyservice is $7.00 US per kg.


I have figured out a solution to my overweight luggage issue . I realize that both of my SMALL suitcases are a “tad too large” to qualify as carryon. So I went to Rick Steves’ website[/shadow]. Found the PERFECT carryon (1/2 inch short of the “requirement”). It also converts to a BACKPACK. So I can now take my 26" suitcase and will be able to stay under (I hope) the 50pound limit. I am packing all the heavy stuff in the carryon as well as clothes for a couple of days.

And lest the luggage people think I am lying about the size…I printed the specs off the website that says EXACTLY what the dimensions are.

NOW, I am planning to sell one of my smaller suitcases - probably on EBAY. Its a TRAVELPRO Walkabout Lite case…I LOVE the Travel Pro Luggage. ITs 25% lighter than luggage of similar size.

Re getting charged for overweight, from the stories here, there’s no particular reason why some are charged and some are not. I imagine it COULD have something to do with whether the plane is full.


Be careful when you pack your carry on - they are now weighing carry ons here as well as your checked luggage.


Booklady, thanks. American Airlines weight limit for carryon (at least for THIS week) is 40 pounds. I am safe there as there’s no way I could carry 40 lbs. But thanks for the reminder.


For those NOT on American Airlines, Skyservice for eaxmple, has a 5 Kg (just over 10 lb) limit for carry on.


Good point (about Skyservice), and last year they really enforced it. I think that my carry-on bag must weigh about 5 lbs (without anything in it). We ended up having to move some things into my wife’s carryon bag, as it was lighter. Tell me how this makes sense, since the total weight did not change. Oh well, it seemed to make them happy and we go to Punta Cana so it all worked out…


Tthe carry on weight on the Skyservice website is 5 kg or 10 lbs, Air Transat which is 10 kg or 22 lbs.