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Luggage search on departure


Have read on a cpl reviews that luggage is ALWAYS searched by hand on departure. Is this correct? my flight is not until late in the evening and I will be locking my luggage at checkout… prior to leaving for the airport as it will be sitting unattended most of my last day!


Your luggage wobn’t be unattended most of the day. It will either be in a lockup or in the lobby and watched by the bell staff. It’s highly unlikely that luggage on a Skyservice/AirTransat/WestJet flight will be hand searched. US flights are a different story.


In January when we returned from POP all the luggage had been searched. We were on Skyservice.

Actually, when the taxi driver went to put one of our suitcases in the car, he literally dropped it and refused to touch it. Why? He could feel some sort of vibration. Upon searching it right there we found that my husband’s electric razor had been switched on. It had been on the entire flight.


We just returned in the last week, and the nylon cable ties were still on the suitcase zippers. If they opened them, it was really nice of them to replace the ties.


In all my trips either inbound, or outbound, I have NEVER had my luggage searched. With regards to leaving it unattended at the hotel, I am usually an early riser on departure day, and have my stuff in the lobby by about 8ish, and dont leave the hotel until 12:30. The whole time it is stored by the conceirge desk, and they are very diligent not to let anyone near the luggage while it is stored there. Anytime I have tried to add something to one of my bags, or get something from them, they always escorted me to my bags, after showing them ID of course, and resumed their careful watch over my bags when I left.

In all my trips, I have yet to have a problem.

Only suggestions I have are make sure you have any breakables well wrapped up in towels or your clothes to prevent breakage or rattling. So far, nothing broken, nothing damaged.

Have a good safe trip :slight_smile:


I went to Puerto Plata this past May and they searched everyone’s bags both checked and carryon prior to issuing boarding passes and they checked some of the carryon’s again before boarding the plane. That was the first time in 4 trips to Puerto Plata that I had my bags searched.


I’ve been to Punta Cana once, and Puerta Plata three times, and every time my luggage was searched when leaving the Dominican Republic.


Yes, American flight. You can expect that every time.


thanks Bob…I am thinking that it is not likely my bags will be searched if travelling to canada. I was only wondering cuz if they do…i wonder if they will re roll my rum back up so it is protected… and I don’t want them going thru my dirty clothes…undies ect…how embarrasing.



I was told by a Mytravel Uk Rep when I was there in October, that they always search bags for flights travelling to the US and that they dont worry about flights travelling to Canada, Europe or the UK.

Im so glad my bags dont get opened, its not a pretty sight on the way home ;D and they would find the hidden bottles of rum! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s OK. They’re not looking for rum. It’s a security check.
They will take exception to the 151 proof rum. ::slight_smile:


Just arrived back from Puerto Plata on December 22 - the only bag searched was my carry on leaving the Dominican. I didn’t see any people having to open there bags when getting their boarding passes.


Every year on our return trip to Canada from the DR our luggage has never been searched but next to us in the USA line-ups they do search every luggage that goes on the plane. They put on there gloves and search through everything and sometimes leave all the stuff from the luggage in one great big mound on the table for all to see. Only once have we ever had our carry-on searched. I don’t know what they were looking for but they even looked at almost each page of my novel that I had read. Since I had nothing to hide I really didn’t care what they were looking for :sunglasses: