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Luggage theft?

Is there much of an issue with luggage theft from the Varadeo airport? I was wondering if the Cuban agents have copies of the TSA keys. Should I get a non TSA lock for use in Cuba?

Theft isn’t particularly an issue, but it does happen. Even if Cuban officials know what TSA is, I doubt they care. If they want into your luggage that badly they’ll simply cut the lock. Most times if they want an inspection they’ll do it with you so you can remove the locks yourself.

In any case, locks aren’t going to stop a determined thief. By far the best theft prevention is to simply never pack valuables onto your checked luggage.

With the amout of eyes watching at the Cuban airports I would be more worried about the home airport workers that the ones in Cuba

If you concerned about luggage theft keep all your valuables with you on your carry on, thus eliminate a possible theft. As was mentioned, if they want someting at home or aboard they are getting it.


I don’t pack anything of any value in my checked luggage, just clothes and toiletries. I put locks on my the main zipper along with cable ties. I also put cable ties on the zippers of all the outside pouches of the suitcase even though I don’t put anything in them. Ever since that young girl got arrested and thrown in jail in Thailand because some slipped drugs into the front of her suitcase I have been paranoid. I don’t spend much time worrying about what someone may take out of my suitcase, I worry more about what may be put in it. If any official wants to see the contents of my suitcase, they can figure out a way to snip off the cable ties. All reception desks have scissors so I just snip them off when I check in. The way I see it, the more trouble my suitcase looks like they will move on to an easier target.


In six trips to Cuba, we’ve only “lost” a bandana that was tied to a piece of luggage to help identify it.

When you hear of “rings” being busted almost every month at Pearson, Cuba is as safe as it comes.