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Luperon In 7 Days! (Feb23-Mar2)


Some girl friends and myself are heading down to Luperon Beach Resort for Spring Break!
Just wondering if anyone else is going to be down there between Feb 23rd to Mar 2nd.
Also, I was wondering if this resort is good for partying and if anyone has any suggestions of MUST DO’S while down at this resort.
Thanks all and see you at the bar! :wink:


Hi, we just got back from Luperon. I have been to the Dominican three times before so I have lots to compare it to. First it is beautiful there, the beach isn’t like Punta Cana but it is really pretty. The snorkeling just off the beach is great. Lots to do and the animation team makes sure you have fun. The night show starts at 10.00 pm and ends at 11:00 then everyone heads to the disco. The resort is huge so it never feels crowded. We walked to the marina which is just over the hill from the resort. There is a small outdoor cafe there which serves really cold servace. The staff tries so hard to please you. We made friends with one of the waiters. He helped teach us spanish and he actually met us in Luperon on his day off and took us on a tour. If you have more questions just let me know.


Thanks for the advice. I know you mentioned a nice coffee shop, do you know about any place close to go for a nice seafood (lobster or crab) dinner? Also one person mentioned a huge disco just off the resort, did you happen to check it out while you were there? Could you also tell me how many of the A la carte restaurants were open. And last but not least what was your favorite drink at the bar and a la carte restaurant (provided that more than 1 was open.
Sorry for the overload of questions,
Thanks for your help!


Sorry Partytilsunrisel, I called it a cafe but its more like an outdoor resturant this is where all the American and Canadian yachters hang out. Also near the marina there was another resturant that served lobster dinner but we didn’t go there so I can’t tell you much about it. In the town of Luperon we visited a resturant named Letty’s which served Lobster. We went in and had a beer, really friendly people. There is another resturant in town called Capt. Steves I believe this is owned by a Canadian. You can play pool there. I don’t want to lead you to believe that Luperon resort is a party place but lots were having fun while we were there. It is secluded but beautiful and the staff make sure you have a good time. If you go to have fun you will. The other disco we were told was closed but we didn’t see a need for it anyways. We worried about the location once we booked but once we got there we soon found out we had nothing to worry about.


Oh and about the ala cartes, we didn’t book any. You have to book at 7:00 in the morning, to early for us. You also have to book horse back riding early and the banana boat has to be booked around 8:00 the day you are using it. My favorite drink was the Margarita but only the bartender named Edward would make it (with 151 instead of tequila). next fav was daiquiri followed by Luperon special…