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Luperon resort

I have probably got this wrong or left someting out, but I was looking for a review of this resort and I didn’t see anything.

Has anyone been to this resort and is it nice?

It is on the North coast, if you go up to Domincan Republic Travel reviews, and scroll down to North coast you should find it. Good luck!! :o

Thanks I found it. It looks interesting, but it is quite a ways from PP airport.

I hear you, mine in PC is 1 hour from the airport…but I figure once I get there, I am not leaving… ;D

I got used to going out and about in Sosua, so I’m going to try to book something a little closer.

But you can’t go wrong with the price, it is a great deal.

My husband says the same. lol

Yes - a great price but, if you intend to leave the resort, you will spend quite a bit on a taxi unless you use the gua-gua.

We always stay in Playa Dorada because it is a good point to access Puerto Plata or Sosua… We can only stay around the resort so long and then have to get out into the real Dominican!

it is a really long bus ride from the airport and remember the roads are not like ours.
we stopped there on our way to paradise island and also had friends stay there for a week last year. they had fun, but said they would not return.