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Lyndsey and Gregg- trip report?


Hi Lyndsey and Gregg,

Just wondered if I missed your trip reports? Gregg, you can’t go on your next trip until you write about your last trip. We want all the details guys. :smiley:



In order for Gregg to go in 11 days he has to get all his busness stuff in order. It doesnt run by itself so he tells me.


Written and being proofed.


OMG… what is this I read? Lyndsay and Gregg went on vacation together and didn’t invite ME?? :wink: :wink:

Things sure are heating up over in this neck of cyber woods lol :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



[quote author=cheryl board=general thread=1131473543 post=1131481487]OMG… what is this I read? Lyndsay and Gregg went on vacation together and didn’t invite ME?? :wink: :wink:

Things sure are heating up over in this neck of cyber woods lol :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cheryl, you rumour monger, you!! (LOL)


OK here’s my review - WARNING - LONG.

Review has been posted.
May be seen at http://www.debbiesdominicantravel.com/travel13.html
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I am extremely glad that you did in fact make it to that old curmudgeon’s hovel, Luis aka Hillbilly by the way is a member of these forums although he posts little he does read posts. This guy for those who do not know him is an American ex-pat who 40 years ago was working on a building project in Santiago found his wonderful wife, stayed and raised a wonderful family which also includes a number of adopted children. Some day I am sure his son will appear on the PGA tour and give Tiger a run for his money.

I received an email just last night from Hillbilly telling me of his dismay of reading that I was going to Punta Cana, and would not be able visit him for some rum and port, visit his cottage property in Punta Rucia, but another time will come.

Gregg will attest to the fact that if you ever meet this ole curmudgeon of West Virginia vintage and Dominican hospitality you will have a friend for life.
And he does love Canadian maple syrup!

Just mi dos peso’s nota lateral


Thanks Gregg for the report. Glad you had a good trip? All the better that it was free. :slight_smile:

In no time you will have to be doing a report for the other side of the island. :smiley: Lucky guy.

We’ll see how quickly Lyndsey follows with hers. :wink:



…uhhhhh…heheh :-/

Okay, I’m almost finished it. Just have to run a spell check. But I was really dragging my feet on it because it’s so BORING. People with insomnia will find it helpful. Nothing really FUN to report on…it’s just your standard, run of the mill AI hotel report and I’m sick of writing these! I want to go on an adventure!!! My bank account, however, does not.

ANYWAY, bottom line: rooms basic but clean, 1 a la carte yuck, 1 a la carte yum, buffet food blah, beach nice, some staff great, some staff not-so-great, location POOPEY, weather great, beer POOPEY, mojitos DEEEELICIOUS, evening shows really good (I mean really good!) and beach-raker-boys made for wonderful scenery. Oops. Should leave that part out I think ;D. But I’ll send you a PM when it’s up Geneva so you can read the whole, torturous thing LOL :smiley:

My Trinidad trip was a bit of an adventure and I’m going to do a report on that too, so watch for that one - we had a ball that day :sunglasses:

Just going to wait until Deb gets back to submit them as I’m sure they’ll have a pile to deal with.

And Cheryl, you know that NO party starts until you get there anyways…we would never go anywhere without YOU :-* :wink: :-*

AWESOME report Gregg!! FUN report!!!



Love all those adjectives. ;D Not sure I have seen POOPEY in a report before. ;D

Will look forward to the rest of your report. I do know what you mean about just wanting to do something different and exciting. Here’s hoping you will soon have an adventure in your life. :sunglasses:



Ain’t that the truth :wink:

If the beach raker boys are going to be the highlight of your review, please leave them in…and include photos, if at all possible (preferably the ones taken with the uber-zoom lens) :o ;D ;D ;D

Gregg - EXCELLENT review! I’ve never had any interest in visiting Sosua but your review makes me want to visit the area & resort now. Great job!


Gregg’s review has now been posted and may be seen at


Not so bad Lyndsey, it only got a 2 poopey rating!. Anyway, I loved the review!


Happy to see you guys had a great time!! And your back in time for !!!