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Magnetic strip


how do you use a magnetic strip to keep your air conditioner on while you’re not in the room?


There is a box on the wall that controls whether the air conditioning in the room will work or not. It is intended that you put your room key card in the slot. It used to be that anything that was the size of a credit card would keep it activated. Now it seems that the “card” must have a magnetic strip on it. It doesn’t seem to care what is on the strip, so an expired/used up Canadian Tire gift card or equiv will do.


In the past I have used an M & M Meat Shops loyalty card and at Breezes PUJ last week the rooms under renovation (Block #4) had Manati Park cards with a magnetic strip in all the card slots.


We had 2 rooms at the Bavaro Princess, ours had no card slot at all air stayed on all day. Our daughter room had a card slot and it had to have the room key inserted with magnetic strip, no others would work as there was a small V cut-out at the botton center of the card. Room keys also had time codes on them and on check out day would not work after the noon check out time. We were given a late check out but they forgot to upgrade the card and door would not open so I had to bust my butt back to the lobby to get reprogrammed.


Caribe Club Princess also had notch cut out of card , but card was left in slot at all times…it the power happens to go out , the card has to be pulled then reinserted. figured that out after a long night with no air


This might be a duh type of question BUt if the room key controls the electricity/air and safe —how do you open the safe in the evening without lights??? ::slight_smile: I told you this was a duh question