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Mail from Canada to Cuba?

anyone know how long it takes for a letter (not a package) to get from Canada to cuba?

sometimes 6 weeks…if they get it at all.

I have sent a letter and was eventually recieved. Took awhile aprox. 6weeks
so I’m told.I hate to bother others in taking them down but, if they are willing and going to where its destined I will also return a favor. Seems to be the best way of making sure it gets there.Lots of our Cuban friends rely on us Canadians to send theirs here as well
Thanks to those of us that do.

I agree with Bettyboopb24 that the best way for sure for letters is to send it with travellers heading to that resort that don’t mind taking it for you. If find everyone pretty good like that. I have sent mail down for others and I have given letters to people travelling to the resort to give to our friends.
I’m heading to the Iberostar Varadero next Friday if anyone wants to send a letter ;D

Take care,


The only (letter) of mine that has made it to Cuba is when a forum member mailed it from Cuba for me. I sent the letter via email and she printed it off, put the stamp on it in Cuba and mailed it for me.

I have had post cards make it to Cuba from Canada (took 4 weeks), but letters sent from England as well as Canada have never made it.

In May I was asked to mail letters for Cubans from Canada but unfortunately only 2 of the letters made it there. The third was sent back to me as address unknown. ??? I had no way of returning the letter to the Cuban that asked me to mail it for them.

Good luck getting your letter to Cuba. Look on the forum and see who is heading to that are and perhaps you can send them a P.M. and ask them to mail it for you. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

We send packages and mail weekly to our friends in Holguin.
We’ve also received mail and packages from them.
Takes about 4 weeks.
Now you have to remember to send SMALL packages, nothing over 2kg in weight, 11 inch by 14inch envelopes or small boxes (25cm x 25cm x 10cm)
This isn’t cheap of course, but worth it! :slight_smile:

I’m sending photos with a friend that is going to Varadero.These I want mailed there to Guardalavaca area. I will keep you posted as to there arrival.

I sent out a letter from Winnipeg to a friend in Matanzas with three pictures in it and they never arrived…yet???
It was sent out in early February.

I sent a letter with about 30 pictures in it to some friends in Jibacoa area and it took about 4 weeks to get to them. They sent me a letter back and it took 6 weeks. I have been told if you send it registered it gets there faster. I haven’t tried that yet but will next time I actually send something down. Normally I get someone that I know that is heading down to take it and I do the same in return. At least that way you know the person will get what you are sending.

What area are you wanting to send a letter to? Maybe someone is heading down shortly and willing to take it for you

I’ve heard that it can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months for Canadian mail to arrive at its destination in Cuba. That is, if it gets there at all.

My own experience is that postcards are your best option. Because there’s no question about what may or may not be inside, the sticky fingers working within the Cuban postal system usually let them pass through. Otherwise I’ve had near zero luck. Even a letter-sized envelope with a few pictures inside never made it. Forget about packages unless you’re spending a small fortune on DHL.

I know… there’s barely enough room to say hello on a postcard. But I figure it’s better than nothing. The one time I managed to get a letter through, I made sure it was a cheap, translucent envelope containing a single sheet of handwritten communication (i.e., no incentive for a Cuban postal worker to tear it open to see what might be inside).

A mule is always your best option.

Has anyone actually used DHL courier to ship anything to Cuba?
I think they are the only official courier to operate in Cuba.

I’ve used them lots.

Expensive, a pain in the butt, and only so-so reliability.

An up date on what I sent 2 months ago with a friend to Varadero. He mailed them at the post office in town there. My friend said they took his money but, didn,t put postage on the packages. The recipients still have not recieved them from their emails.Just small envelopes they were with a couple of pics. I also just sent a small package with a fellow from sask. to Guardalavaca area. Piggyback seems the only sure way I,m guessing.
Thanks to all that carry our gifts and best wishes to our friends in Cuba

[quote=@jetpilot]Has anyone actually used DHL courier to ship anything to Cuba?
I think they are the only official courier to operate in Cuba.[/quote]

I called them a month or two ago to inquire about prices. A regular letter going from the GTA to the depot in Havana takes 5 business days and costs $105.82.

I have sent on average about 6 packages per year for the last 6 years and have only had problems twice. One parcel was opened last year and some content possibly removed. Another parcel that I sent this year apparently never arrived. It contained clothing a two baseball gloves. I have sent N64 machines, which to my surprise were not “confiscated”. My parcels are never more than 2kg and I always send them surface mail ($19.96). The letters from Cuba have recently taken as long as 8 - 9 weeks to get here.

It takes about 6 weeks to get there from here…It takes about 4 weeks from there to here. Go figure…

Boy snail mail sucks .
And I work for them

I am going to Santiago in mid-Nov and if anyone wants to forward me an email that I can stick in an envelope, I’d be happy to do that, and mail it in Cuba. I also bring letters home from Cuban staff and friends and mail them, because I have also been the recipient of a Cuban letter mailed by a stranger, and it is always such a happy day when I get a letter.

I tried sending a few bucks to a person we know in Cuba FROM Cuba…It was opened by “unknowns”…The letter made it…the cash didnt…

Not to be the devil’s advocate, but, it wouldn’t be the first time that some well meaning person sent money to a friend, and that friend said that it didn’t arrive. Even though it did. But you will never know that. More than likely it was taken out of the envelope at some point on the journey.

Sending cash in an envelope is risky in any country. I would never do it, even in Canada.

I was corresponding with some one in Cuba a few years ago. I sent postcards and letters hoping that a few might get through and the message delivered. When I finally met up with this person, we checked on what got through. Postcards worked the best. Letters didn’t fare so well. There must be great temptation to open them, especially when they are from a foreign country, to see what’s inside them.

The best method was when someone on this website, offered to take an email from me and send it to their friend in Cuba who happened to live nearby to this person that I knew. That one got through. I have muled letters for people on here and on Trip Advisor. That’s the best method.