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Maimon Bay


We’re booked again for the RIU’s - Feb/Mar 2014. Any word on the cruise ships coming into the bay? Is the plan still 2014?


We won’t be far away… we at in Costambar from Jan. 11 till March 20… maybe make a date to hook up???


Would love to dot. We’ve met so many wonderful people there and our friends that we met there a few years back just came to stay with us again this past summer - they’re from Saskatchewan - heck, I hadn’t even heard of that before :-).
We are there from Feb 20 to March 3. We’re generally all over the place and do not stay right at the resort, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Hi there, well started looking for a place in Dominican for April 2014 wanted Punta Cana since we have never been there but way over priced. So came across these RUI’s in Puerto Plata is one better than the other? Any feed back would be awesome. I have stayed at the Playa Dorada area so would love to try something new. I am also travelling with one newbie (has never been out of Ontario) and one who has only seen Cuba. Please if you have suggestions I am open to all.

Thank you so much


Anyone have new info about the Cruise Ship Terminal beside the Rius on Maimon Bay?


colleen you might also look at Cabarete for your stay. The RIU complex is a bit isolated and you will need cabs to see anything other than the resort. In Cabarete you have the town within walking distance (5-10 min depending on where you are) and the town is lined with bars, restaurants and shops along the beach. A good mix of tourists, locals and expats.



They are making progress with the bay being dredged and they have started clearing land and building the port as well. They are still on track to start operations late 2014.



Thanks for the update bobk


You are welcome



Thanks bobk. Are the Rius up for sale or has the property been divided into different operations?


Not for sale that I know of but always been run as three (now two) separate resorts on the same property



I did some poking around on the net and found this.


That’s the one. Thanls Bob. Looks like no deal yet, eh?