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Majestic Colonial (#1 resort) - Questions/Answers

[shadow=blue,left,800]I hearby unoficially declare the Majestic Colonial to be the #1 Resort In The Dominican Republic[/shadow]

In my opinion (of course), it’s the best of the best in the Dominican Republic right now and sets the DR’s hospitality industry to a new standard. I recommend this resort for almost anyone wanting to travel to the DR. Especially if they are experienced with DR travel and have not been to this resort. Here are some answers to common questions:

Q:Who owns this resort?
A: From what I understand it’s a family owned business and managed by the ownes son who is a Spaniard and speaks very good English. He personally will inspect food/wine quality and order stuff thown out if it’s not up to par. If you’ve worked for a family business before and a corporation, you’ll know the difference that alone makes.

Q: Is the food good
A: I believe it is the best that is available in the DR. No gamie meat flavors, no fishy fish, great tasting foods, food cooked all the way through. Pasta soft, rice fluffy.

Q: That’s not good enough. Please convince how the food is better.
A: At one resort I went to, all I wanted was bacon for breakfast a treat. Instead I was served that 2 days of my stay. One time was hard and cold, the other time simply unedible. This was from the #8 rated resort at the time. At Majestic Colonial (MC), there was perfectly cooked bacon hot and in 2 seperate buffet platters daily. Scrambled eggs edible and hot. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. What a concept. The steak was very good and not gamie or chewy. Tasted like grade A beef. Pulled chicken was soft and amazing. Hamburgers were soft and not chewy/gamie. Katchup had Heinz packets for the people that wanted real tasting katchup. Fish was soft, cooked, and not fishy. Sacues tasted like sauce and had flavor. Veggies were fresh and tomatoes were is red as possible.

Q: Was there tortilias, guacamole, nachoes, cheese, chille, and sour cream? DAILY… And AVAILABLE?
A: Yes. They were fresh made daily and available throught the day and dinner. Nothing was out of a bag or can. Unlike the last place were I saw the green stuff only once at an a la cart. The mexican stuff is available daily at lunch, and in the mexican resturuant for dinner, and it’s fresh and made from scratch. I have pictures I will post to prove it and you can see just how fresh the food was.

Q: What about the pizza
A: Often hot and fresh. Lots of cheese. Mexican beef chille sauce and cheese pizza for instance. It tasted really good.

Q: Will the food make me sick?
A: Ok listen. This resort is a wedding/catoring oriented resort with several chefs walking around with the tall hats. Big guys too. They can cook. The management take the food thing serious and tap water is not used. There is NOT a common thread or occurance of food sickness at this resort when reading through all the reviews. My wife never took immodium once. I took it 2/3 times to be safe.

Q: Does the air work?
A: Yes. Just keep it on when leaving the room etc. No games or gimmicks. You control it.

Q: When should I book my a la carts?
A: You don’t. Simply walk in when you please after 6:30pm and order what you like. The food will take 5-10 min to arrive and is very fast so do not order too quick. You need only book the Japanese portion of the resturaunt where they cook food infront of you. Unlike some other resorts, you can be assured 90% the people around you and chef will be speaking English and you will be able to share in the conversation.

Q: Well how long is the lineup for the a la carts?
A: There are none. I was there 20 days ago when the resort was at full capacity. The a la carts were about 20-80% full. Most were half full. Some downright almost empty. No waiting.

Q: Anything else I should know?
A: Just don’t feel you have to make your night out of 1 resturaunt. We went to japanese for sushi appetiser, then mexican for the lamb curry and buffet salads, then over the steakhouse for main course. Please feel free to enjoy all the food and visit the different restruants in 1 night.

Q: What about reserving a palapa?
A: You’ll be fine before 10am. Place your towels on the chairs even earlier if you want premium seats. They did fill up though.

Q: What can I expect to see at night?
A: Basically you’ll walk to the main bar area and you might see a live jazz band, a live singer, or actually it’s always a live band performing there. There will be people dancing as well as some of the animation staff as dance parters/tutors if you need one. It’s very dark and romantic. Then you will wander down the path and might come accross a huge platter of sushi, or seafood deepfried shrimp balls with dipping sauce. Right outside, no bugs. You’ll then see some clowns or guy on stilts sort of thing maybe walking around saying hi to kids. The outside is dark, lit, and glowes. It’s truly feels like another place at night.

Q: Is there a culture of theft at this resort?
A: No. Just read for any patters of theft and it simply isn’t there at this resort. While theft can happen, there is no evidence it is a problem at this resort. I left my ciggs out for the night outside my groundfloor room with cleaning staff and all that and nothing was stolen. Once I was looking for a my book and I swore they stold it. I tried not to get angry. I found it burried deep in the suitcase the next day. I left my camera outside my room for hours by accident (groundn floor swim up room) and it was still there. If you find your sunglasses missing, you probably left them somewhere rather than have them stolen from your room.

Q: Do birds, stray cats, and other pests eat food?
A: Definatly not. I saw 3 birds the whole time I was there.

Q: What language are the games in?
A: English completely and announcements also in French and Spanish.

Q: Do the staff/guests speak English?
A: Yes. And some even speak French. When you say Gracias, expect to sometimes here back a ‘you’re welcome’. It’s just habit and effot shown by the staff at the resort. Everyone from the servers to the towel person to the chefs to the waiters… they all speak or attempt to speak English. The guests also speak English. This is NOT a European domincated resort.

Q: Why is it like this? Who goes to this resort?
A: The resort is filled with wedding parties mostly from Canada and some here and there from the US. In wedding parties, many have never been to DR or even travelled in their lives… even been on a plane. Every group has many of these people and for them, at their age, being eaten alive by bugs, birds, bad food, no air, tap water, food sickness, is simply out of the questions for people that are very nervous and apprehensive about being at the resort. The staff bend over backwards to make sure they are happy and the animation staff create relationships with each family… There are about 2 weddings a day from what I noticed and always a reception happening at night. I have some pics I’ll post. There is a Facebook Majestic wedding group and it’s known in the wedding planning circle that this is the resort to go to becuase of the food and hospitality of staff. If Majestic ever loses the wedding business, they’ll lose their resort because about 70% of people there seemed to be part of a wedding group. You will see bridemaids and brides walking around. Simply great entertainment. This is why I beleive the service and food is taken so seriously at this resort.

Q: I’ve been going to PC for many years. I’m on the forums, I know the game, I’ve done many resorts but not this one. Should I really go and see what all this is about?
A: Without a doubt you should go. It’s not that expensive and it’s a resort you should experience for youself.

Eventually, I do believe the new Iberostar will become #1, but until then, I am endorsing ONLY THIS RESORT for most anyone looking to go on vacation due the price and quality of food and friendly service. It is my #1 resort till further notice. Any better and you have to now leave the DR.

Please let me know if you have any questions on any details.

Oh yes, the beer of course are bottles of Presedante delivered to your room daily. No cans. At the bar glasses are frosted and draft is cold.

Congrats on all the hard work and effort to the staff at the resort and their relentless striving for excellence!

Majestic is currently rated by Trip Advisor as their #1 Resort, it is a fantasic resort which I am looking forward to staying at even though I have visited as many as 4 times.

Lets get the record straight,

The resort is not managed by the owners son at all. The owner yes is a Spanish businessman, a wonderful person who I have had the pleasure to meet. He speaks limited English but can get a message across, he tries to blend in with the tourists, is a hands on owner who actually will sit and ask questions of guests about the facilities. He does not interfere with any of the management duties whether it be the V.P of Operations, resevations Manager, Guest Services or the Head Chef but will make suggestions.

Majestic resorts do a wonderful service with our Children’s Foundation and we at BTBCF applaude them for their efforts but they do not need any individual endorsements, they stand on their own record from guest and their reviews.

mi dos peso’s

Interestingly enough the first time that Wud and I met this fine gentleman was about two weeks before the opening of Majestic Colonial. When he was pointed out to us, before we met him, he was working side by side with a Haitian labourer shoveling dirt into a wheelbarrow. Anything to get the job done. Now that is truly hands on…


Yes, I do remember that, him and his wife shovelling sand with workers, truly a hands on owner.

I remember his co-operation just before the resort opened. I found him very outgoing and obliging. Hopefully we’ll meet someday. ;D

His efforts to keep us informed of the resorts progress and willingness to makee sure anyone from here visiting had the opportunity to tour the facility prior to opening was 1 of the reasons I decided to book there for my trip in March 2006.

Looking forward to a return trip.


I agree majestic is a great resort and i will return had the pleasure to meet majestic mike there loved it.

Majestic Mike now goes under the name PCMike and is no longer at the Majestic, he is with NHReal Arena.

I agree 100 % that this resort is top notch. My husband and I travelled there 3 months after they opened with no problems at all. We loved it so much we were back in 2007. We missed a year of travelling last year but we leave saturday for the Majestic Elegance. I have no hesitation with travelling to this new resort so early in it’s opening. These people know how to run a resort.

I cannot wait! I will get to experience the Majestic Colonial towards the end of april!! Thanks for the info mikedavid00!!