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Majestic Colonial Club


Heading there in a couple of weeks (YAY!!), and wondering about room selection. We stayed at Majestic a couple of months after it opened, in swim-up room mid-way along the property and it was great!

This time were trying Colonial Club and wondering about room choice. When we booked, swim-up wasn’t available but wondering whether to try directly with the hotel for an upgrade.

The consensus here and elsewhere seems almost unanimous “go for swim-up”. But looking at some pics and videos the Club swim-ups seem to have much narrower ‘lawns’ between room and pool; and also some of the rooms seem quite near the swim-up bar which is party central by the looks of it. Is there a lack of peace & quiet / privacy? (Not looking for total seclusion, but dont want a frat party on our door step!)

Are there swim-ups on both sides of the club buildings? Is there a preferred side?

Are there ground floor rooms that are non-swim-up, or does having non-swim-up room automatically mean we are on upper floors?

I seem to recall seeing that the top floor rooms have bigger balconies, is that right? And are they in the Colonial Club Jacuzzi suite category, or a different room category?

I forget the numbering system for the buildings; and the room numbers relative to beach / main building (that will help when emailing the hotel), would appreciate a reminder.

Restaurants: can Colonial Club guests also use any of the Elegance Club restaurants?

Is Jellyfish still going? It was a great place for an off campus lunch outing.

I also seem to recall another place, “Captain Johns”?? or some such name, quite the tourist trap (where isnt down there lol) but it was pretty good for lunch too as I recall and a nice excursion.

Any other suggestions for lunch / dinner outings? We’re there for 9 nights and one or two alternatives to the Majestic restaurants may be a good idea.

I recall that the dinner wine was pretty dire, is that still true? (The supplementary wine list at the French gourmet on the other hand did have some nice Spanish wines).

PS: I see that Im still regarded as a ‘new member’ - after 7 years! I guess that’s what you get for going toother places in the interim!! (I now, its probably linked to no of posts; it just appealed to my sense of humour)