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Majestic Colonial review for Jan 11-20

I just sent in my review for the Majestic Colonial for our stay last month. This was our second stay at this resort.

If you would like to see some pics they are on webshots.com under gemgirlbarbara albums. Here’s the link to this years album:


We were there the very same week as you and had a great vacation!

Those pics towards the end, is that the disco? That’s the only place we never get to. It looks really crowded if it is…we always here the disco’s are empty. Maybe it helps that the MC has a very interactive animation team with the guests at night time. This was the first time I encountered staff mingling and dancing with guests; like at the Plaza Bar.

Yes that was the disco. We have never gone before, but the guys from animation convinced us to come and try it out. It was fun, very loud but we had consumed enough alcohol that evening to dull the pain on the ears. Yes they did quite a bit of dancing and visiting with us, it was nice.