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Majestic Colonial to Plaza Brisas


How far is it to Plaza Brisas (Domenico Cigar Manufactory) from the Majestic Colonial and is it possible to walk along the beach or is a taxi the only way to go?


If it is where I think it is (between Gran Paradise, Bahia Principe) , it will be a taxi ride.


10-15 minutes via taxi


It abuts the south side of GPB.

Thats where I thought it was. Thanks Gregg.
Got to talk to the man that’s been there! :slight_smile:


Thanks all. A taxi it will be. Is there shopping in Plaza Brisas that might interest my better half while I am looking for cigars?


There is no shopping in this Plaza, there are a couple of restaurant/bars, the cigar factory and many tour operator and hotel association offices, but there is some shopping up the street at PLaza Bavaro (east) or to the west around the corner from the Texaco Station in what is called Plaza Cana where there is a super mercado also.


Thanks Wud. Now I know where to stock up on the Dominican necessities (cigars and Brugal Extra Viejo) required to get us through our Canadian winter.