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Majestic - dinners on the beach

Hello everyone. Does anyone know if the Majestic colonial offers romantic candlelight dinners on the beach? I want to try and surprise my wife while we are there in January.

I’m pretty sure they do - I think the cost is $75 US but I’m not sure if that’s per person or for the whole shebang. You might want to email Emily or Laura at the resort and see what they have to say. I believe their email is pr2@majesticcolonial.com

If the do put on bug spray, long pants socks and shoes, sand flys and fleas nasty little buggers…

Yes, they do private romantic dinners on the beach and they looked fabulous. It is $75 per person. But I think that it would be well worth it. You have your own private waiter out there on the beach and they light it up nicely with candles.

I just got an email back from Rafael Ferreria at the Majestic. They do in fact have romantic dinners and he enclosed a few pictures with it. It looks great!! Thanks everyone !!!
p.s. if anyone would like to see pics just pm me and i’ll send them off to you!!

Does anyone know if they offer similar at the Iberostar Punta Cana? Or what is the most romantic ala carte there?

I was wondering if they offered the same at the Elegance next door? Does anyone know if Rafael is the best person to contact regarding the Elegance as well or does he primarily deal with the Colonial?


Rafael would be able to answer that question, he was on both resorts last week…I,m sure the elegance would do the same…the service was so good I think they would put your socks on you if you asked…but then who wears socks on bavaro beach??