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Majestic Elegance & Colonial connections

Hi everyone, just wondering has anybody heard that if you are going to the Majestic Elegance and you are in the Club section is it true that you aren’t allowed to go to the Majestic Colonial??? I thought that we were allowed to go over there??? Just read a review from T.A. and he says that, in fact that’s the way it is. Anybody out there know for sure :smiley: 5 sleeps left.

hey kevnick…we had some friends there last week…they walked through the colonial everyday, used the shops, went to the theatre and bars, and the casino…no problem, just walk in by the shopping area BUT you can’t use the buffets and restaurants… they say that folks from the colonial are refrained from walking into the majestic, however

:frowning: Well I’m starting to get very nervous about this whole venture, we went to Colonial when it was brand new and it went very very well, (mainly why we chose elegance when it was new) but I’m hearing all kinds of things that are really sucking. The sewer smells, the amazing amount of flies on the food at the buffet by the beach and now hearing that we are not allowed to share the restuarants at the colonial. When I booked this, I was told we could partake in the colonial meals as well, infact today I called our travel agent and he said that yes we could eat there??? hmmmmm I really am starting to stress… Thanks for the reply.