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Majestic Elegance new pics

Just received, not sure exactly what date they were taken, looks great.

Thanks for the pics Wud. Always looking for the latest updates and these Pics just confirm that I’ll be in paradise come February.

Quite impressive … things looking to be takng shape now.

Beautiful Pics, I know it’s on my list for next year…

thanks for the update Hlywud, its nice to see how things have progressed!

It’s on our wishlist also, but one of my kid’s will go first when they win the BTBCF Dream Vacation.


That’s where you’re wrong Wud, I’m going to win that vacation, and I’m sure you have nice kids but I’m going to keep it for myself. ;D

Nah. I’ve got voucher #001. It’s first in the stack; should be first to come out. Right? ::slight_smile:

Wow, I wish I could live there all winter. Beautiful spot!

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pics. Love those outdoor beds!

There is just something about palm trees and the the turquoise colour of the pool and ocean…there in 23 days… but who’s counting…:slight_smile: