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Majestic Elegance Nov 21

Just read on TA that the Majestic management posted they will open the resort on Nov 21st and guests will be able to use Majestic Colonials facilities for awhile.

Also, guests who arrive on the 20th will be put up at Colonial for one night and then have the option to move to Elegnace or stay on at Colonial.

Majestic management are doing their utmost to make their guests stays memorable. No other esort that has been in this situation has ever posted anywhere about what they are doing, they have on Trip Advisor and I give them kudo’s for being so upfront.


21st is after tomorrow,
this friday,
let’s see what they got together finally.
and there are no huge spaces to move to colonial or such,
the colonial is fully booked.

We’re arriving Dec 6 and staying in the adults only section. Can’t wait to get there, we all knew that this is a new opening and are enjoying the discounts. It’ll be a great time.

I,m arriving on dec 7 …staying also in adult section … like you i’m anxious but gee it would be nice to see what’s going on :slight_smile: and what the hold up is … but anyway we still have 2 weeks to go so thins should be great by that time .

Also there on the dec 8th. I noticed this morning they took the 21st date off. I hope that’s good news not the other…

Pat and I are currently at Majestic Colonial, and will be moving over to Majestic Elegance tomorrow. We had a complete tour on Tuesday, and they are busy getting everything ready for the arrival of guests tomorrow. It’s a gorgeous resort, and if you’re going in the near future, go with an open mind and enjoy! The layout of the resort is very similar to Majestic Colonial, except on a larger and grander scale. Most things are finished - The Majestic Colonial is right next door, ie. 20 feet away, and Elegance guests will initially be able to use facilities at Majestic Colonial.

I will be writing a “review” when we get home, and I hope others going to Majestic Elegance will take the time to send me a review when they return home for posting on our main website.


Thank you Debbie.

I’ll be there on January 3.

I’m not going to the ME until February but it’s still nice to see updates. Sounds like they’ve ironed out all the issues causing the delays and will be opening tomorrow as promised.
Thanks for the update Deb and I’m looking forward to your review. ::slight_smile:

Thanks for the info … great to here something positive … Can’t wait to get there

Hi, Heading to Majestic Colonial Dec. 10-17 and selfishly wondering about the impact of Elegance guests using facilities at the Colonial, from my research it seems like the Colonial is almost always at full capacity already

"Majestic Elegance guest will be allowed to enjoy as well all facilities and amenities at the Majestic Colonial till further notice. Probably till December 10th or 15th."
Majestic Resorts Management
via tripadvisor link in earlier reply above

thanks and admittedly selfish

Thanks Debbie for the update and I will be looking forward to your review and as time passes more things will be coming on line.

We go in Feb and are looking forward to our winter holiday.


i can’t wait to read all the reviews. This resort is on my radar for our 2009 vacation!

looking forward to your report debbie…we’ll be at the ME Dec 13- 20th can,t wait to go to Punta Cana again and this resort in particular…tranquillo !

it’s friday 21st 1:34AM.
who checked in first?
ha ha

we are here right now
They put us in the colonial for the time being just
going to meet our rep to see if we move or what shall
let u know in a few hours
Dee and Dave

well went over to the elegance
hmmmm they have ofered to move us but gave us the option to stay at the colonial we have chosen to stay at the colonial for at least this week to much not finished on the other side for our likings…nice place but the colonial is beautiful and we shall enoy both places before we leave
they also gave us bands to go to either facility when ever we like
very friendly helpful staff

Quote from above…“No other resort that has been in this situation has ever posted anywhere about what they are doing, they have on Trip Advisor and I give them kudo’s for being so upfront.”

Hmmmm…Wud…I guess all my efforts earlier in the year went unnoticed as EdenH opened its doors. No disrespect, but I did a little more than a one time post of what was and wasn’t ready.

Just the same, I know that Elegance will be under te microscope for some time to come and there will be conflicting info coming from many sources. Bottom line is…it is a brand new resort…it will take time to ramp up to speed, regardless of previous staff training. That is simply the reality of the business…and I have confidence that with my old pal Jose Maria at the helm as GM, the resort will survive the bumps and bruises all resorts face when opening to a very eager and overly critical marketplace!



PCMike - I distinctly remember back when Eden first opened and you were on the forum day in and day out answering all our questions. We were booked to go there but unfortunately got bumped at the last minute. Now we are finally going to have the pleasure to meet you on April 5th and I for one can’t wait. If anyone should be credited for being there for all of us, it’s YOU. Salute to you for a job well done…