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Majestic Elegance Punta Cana-- HELP!

Anyone who can help me on my quest to select a resort will make my day!!!

I am a 24-year old woman travelling with a friend to the Dominican Republic in a little less than a month. We were originally looking into the Occidental Grand Punta Cana—

Here are the stipulations-

We are not filthy rich but we DO want to be part of the preference/royal/luxury club wherever we do go. We were wondering how much it costs to upgrade to Elegance at the Majestic??? Also, can we upgrade BEFORE we leave or must we take our chances once we get there?

Has anyone been to the occidental, paid for the Royal club and been disappointed? Pleased?

Alternatively, has anyone paid for the upgrade at the Majestic Elegance and felt it wasn’t worth the splurge?

How much money should we expect to put aside for tipping staff?

Which restaurants (at either or any resort you’ve been to) are worth reserving at?

If upgrading does put us over our budget, is it better to stay at a less luxurious resort and get the VIP treatment, or stay at the very best and look on to all those blocked off areas we are not allowed to access???

Please help me!!!

—so very much appreciated. ;D ???

Even if you have other Punta Cana-related suggestions or tips,these will be appreciated as well! If you have an alternate resort suggestion, please let me know as well. Thank you kindly,

Maybe you will get some answer if you put this question in the East Coast Forum. Just a thought

Thank you stillsdaughter-- I am new to this site. I just copied my post into the east coast section-- thanks.

I have moved this thread here and deleted the other one you had copied here. Welcome to Debbies, I hope you find a great resort…

Thank you for your help hula!

I just got back from a corporate trip at Majestic Elegance. They are “almost” there but fall short in many areas.

Review is posted at:

Hi Anya.
I don’t have any first hand experience with the Majestic but if you are open to suggestions, I can’t say enough wonderful things about Royal Service at The Melia Caribe. We’d go back in a heart beat and will definitely be going with the royal service again…worth every extra penny!
As for the amount of money you should have for tipping…we brought $100 usd (all $1 bills) for the week. This worked well but I think I will bring a little more next time…maybe $125 or so.
Best of luck with your plans.

mavjb - You’re post I guess is in the minority. I’d say 90% of the posts I’ve read on other sites has been quite positive. I’ll put my review up when I return the week of February 9th.