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Majestic Elegance Room Keys, Room Safe, Wristbands

Hello all, I have 3 questions for people that have already stayed at the Elegance:

1)Are the room keys actual metal keys or are they the plastic keycards?
2)What are the differences between the regular wristband and the Elegance Club wristband?
3)Are the room safes key based systems or a code based systems and roughly how large are they?

Thanks in Advance for any insight that can be provided.


Zed ;D

Coded plastic keycards.

Different colours different services with wristbands.

Set your own codes on the safe, not large enough for a laptop.

Thanks WUD! Your answers have brought about another round of questions ;D

Do the coded plastic keys have a hole for a lanyard or would it be an issue if I bring a hole punch to make my own? :slight_smile:

I have a a Netbook that is 25cm (9.5") by 17cm (6.75") and 2 cm (0.75") do you think this would fit in the safe? (best guess)




I sent you a PM this morning

here’s one suggestion for using your netbook on vacation
not sure if this may pertain to Elegance but sharing just in case

returned one month ago from Maj Colonial and read a good suggestion to take your own ethernet cable for use in room as occasionally hotel may have them all loaned out, so I brought along my approx 15’ cable and glad I did (and I also take along a lengthy extension cord in case battery is low)

when I was checking in I saw the hotel cables were short length and at least at the Colonial would have required me to sit at desk near the access, but with my lengthy cable I could stretch out on the couch be online and watch TV

have a great vacation

Wintkat. . . where did you get the extra sheet to put on the couch? What a good idea!!!



There is no holes in the cards, you really want to walk around with your room key around your neck ?

My laptop 16" fitted in the safe quite neatly!

Elegance does not have a couch in the room so no need to bring a sheet to cover it.
Cables can be found at the front desk in the lobby for a $10.- deposit. The outlet was behind the desk, if you want to bring a longer cable so you can use it on the bed or at the table near the balcony you will have a cable draping over the floor as it is on the other side than the internet outlet.
Wirstbands are normal plastic and white for Elegance and the clun members get a brown coconut shell with brown straps atachted to it.


when I sat on the “pleather” couch for the 1st time it was too cool/clammy and I knew it wouldn’t be fun for a week. My husband asked housekeeping and we got a king sheet to use for the week. When we left the room each day we put the sheet away in the closet so not to lose it.

I was surprised to read the Elegance rooms do not have couches.

hope to return to Colonial soon… we had a “room with a view
here’s a daily view from our week in room 2242


that looks like heaven it is -15 C here now