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Majestic Elegance


Just a quick post to let you know we got home last night from Majestic Elegance. Due to the delay in opening we only got to spend two days there, but I hope to have a review up by Thursday, and we’ll get our pictures online as soon as possible and I’ll post the link.

This resort will be great, there were some opening glitches as there are with any new resort opening, but all will be resolved.


welcome back home Debbie.
been a pleasure to meet you and Pat.

looking forward to your pics and review debbie…thanks in advance… cant wait till next month!

Glad to hear you had another great vacation! Can’t wait for your review and pics.

We’ve uploaded most of our pictures of Majestic Elegance to Webshots, you can view them at:

I don’t have them completely sorted and in order yet, but thought I’d put up the link for you. The first batch of room pictures are ones that were sent to me a month ago by the hotel. The photos number 1 through 8 were taken on November 18, 3 days prior to opening, and the rest were taken between November 21 and 23.


Thank you Debbie for your nice pictures.


looks like a very nice place. hope you had a great time

thanks deb great pics … anxious to read your review.

Thanks for the pics Debbie. We stay in the Elegance Club 12/6-12/13, can’t wait. Looks REALLY nice. Looking forward to your review.

I love your photos, I’ve been dying to get a glimpse of the Oceanfront Suites. You came through for us. Going Jan 11-17, Elegance looks fantastic. Sweet anticipation. Thank you Debbie

The smiles on your faces say it all… thanks!

you will be there at the same time as me ( dec 7 & 14) also in the elegance club section

Thanks Deb for the photos. Now I just have to convince the wife! Shouldn’t be too hard with these photos.


Debbie has posted her review of the Majestic Elegance.

LOOKS GREAT! Thanks for the pictures Debbie.

I have booked the standard Elegance club room (Adults only) Looks like all of them do not have an ocean view and that is reserved for the suites.
Think I will request a room with a little afternoon sun on the Balcony in the afternoon.

Restaurants look good too, cant wait!

I thought that was a pretty great review. Thank you very much.