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Majestic Elegance

Hello fellow Punta Cana lovers!! I have just booked the Majestic Elegance for the week of March 7-14th and I cannot wait. This place looks absolutely beautiful. We are booked in the Elegance Club Jr Suite Adults only section. Can anyone recommend floors to stay in versus ones to stay away from? For example, last year, we went to Eden Real and I read many reviews that suggested trying to get higher floors due to the mosquitos and also even numbered rooms versus odd number rooms as the even numbers faced the pool and the odd numbers faced local apartments. I’m just trying to get a jump on things and what to ask for while checking in. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. : )

both elegance club bldgs are great w/pool or ocean view…we were in 4335 and had an awesome ocean view and very quiet!

We were in 2349, ocean and pool view. Great location. I liked the third floor, no noise above you. If you have a preference you should email a request ahead of time because they have your room assignment done prior to your arrival. Have fun!!!

Club sections room #
Pool vue second floor rooms 2244 to 2249
pool vue third floor rooms 2344 to 2349
swim up first floor 2152 to 2156
Hope this can help you

oups rooms club section witch I was in :frowning: were # 1143 to 1154 vue of the colonial bummer not all rooms have pool or ocean vue

Goodmorning all, Happy New Year from the great white north… Snowing again. We are going to the ME Jan 17th - Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and my parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, I was hoping that we could make some advance arrangements to get the coolest rooms, great view etc. Has anyone ever had any luck in contacting the ME ahead of time and requesting - king beds, ocean view, top floor etc…? Look forward to your input.


::slight_smile: Duh, oops about the previous entrance, anyway we are booked for the Elegance Club

I sent an email to ME on 12/26/08 requesting a few things (nothing crazy) and haven’t heard back from them yet. I’m not sure if they even write back, but I’m hoping that they at least received my email. If anyone has the email address to the ME can you please post it. I used info@majestic-resorts.com, but not sure if it’s the correct one. I’m looking forward to staying at this new resort and I really want to do all I can to get a decently located room. Thanks.


pr2@majesticcolonial.com is the correct email for MAJESTIC ELEGANCE as well?? Thanks.