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Majestic Elegance

Just returned from a wonderful week at the Majestic Elegance Club. We could not have asked for a better holiday. I will be writing a full review in the next few days.
Any questions, ask away!!


We have one very important question…can the men wear shorts to the buffet for dinner??? I know they have to wear pants to the ala carte but everywhere we have ever been they are allowed to wear shorts to the buffet. This is really imporant to them. I appreciate any help you can provide. THANKS!!! ;D

Yes, the men can wear shorts in the buffet. I also wore shorts in the steakhouse. But you’re right, the a la cartes require long pants for the men. Except for the Seafood, it’s a really relaxed atmosphere.
Have a great trip

Thanks so much for your help. I have a few more questions…I am reading that the bathrooms are some unique design that isn’t very private. Is that true? Can guests of the Elegance property use the Colonial property and does the Elegance have tennis? I am so grateful for your help. a group of us are planning this trip and just want to make sure we are picking a good fit for us.

Hi Jackie - we noticed that the Majestic Elegance has some good deals in April and we are considering it along with the Paradisus Punta Cana. I am wondering whether the Majestic Elegance would be a good place for us to go with our two almost-15 year old girls. I know the ME has certain areas that are restricted to over 18s. These kids are pretty much self-entertaining so they don’t require a lot of organized activities or a lot of other teenagers around to keep them happy, but if most of the resort is going to be off limits then that is a problem. Any comments would be much appreciated!

The other thing I was wondering is whether you are able to compare the Majestic Elegance to the Majestic Colonial. That one has some good deals, too.

Very comparable resorts.

We stayed in the Elegance Club which is the adults only package. I did see alot of teenagers at this resort, during the day they were kept busy on a section of the beach where they had darts,volleyball,horshoes and bocci ball. There were a few staff members on the beach getting people involved. I’ve never been to the Paradisus so I couldn’t compare. My husband and I have been to the Colonial twice and have never hesitated to recommend people to go there, they are both fantastic resorts, just now that the Elegance is brand new. If you are getting a deal I personally would not hesitate to book. Though I would book either way :slight_smile:
Good luck.

Thanks for your comments, Jackie. I’m sort of inclined to book the Colonial simply because there won’t be any areas that are “off limits” to the girls (that and it’s about $100 cheaper per person) but do you think that the new-resort thing with Elegance should take precedence? I mean it’s a steal either way, about $5500 including tax and insurance for four people.

BTW, do you happen to know how much the fee for in-room internet access is?

I wouldn’t let that theory of “off limits” sway your decision. The resort is huge, the adults only sections are off to the sides of the resort. I don’t believe it’s an issue. Both resorts are equally beautiful. If you are in for trying a “new” resort then go for the Elegance. But like you said, it’s 100.00 cheaper per person then save yourself the money and enjoy the Colonial. It’s a personal choice for you and your family.
whichever you choose, you won’t be dissapointed.

Thanks for the encouragement, jackie - we just booked the Majestic Colonial! I am very excited and pleased.