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Majestic Wedding Coordinator


The guest list for my upcoming March wedding at the Majestic has finally been completed. A very nice group of 20 guests.

I want to ask if anybody has any experience working with the resort. Basically all that I’ve done at this point is ask some questions about prices and set the date. I was working with Linda, but now I’m told that I need to work with Aurelio because Linda isn’t doing weddings anymore. What types of ideas have you been given by the resort? Everything they’ve given me so far has been really expensive! Anybody have any comments they would like to make or ideas that they wish to share? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hey Allpro,

I have just started dealing with Aurelio for my wedding next November. I have not gotten much further than you have, but I do have all the pricing for options, etc. What time is your ceremony confirmed for? I can’t wait to hear your review and see your pics when you get back. I’m sure you will have a great time.

We are not going to bother with any of the extras. Our ceremony is booked for 5pm and I’ve got lanterns for the BM and FG to carry instead of paying for flowers. The photographers at the hotel (they have 2) are nice guys, but not professionally trained, so I don’t want to spend $450 for a hand full of pictures. I am building a collection of sample shots that we really like, and will be getting one of our friends to take the pics instead. We will probably have about 50 people, so we will take over whatever restaurant we have dinner in together, so I am not going to worry about any special arrangements.

If you have any questions, let me know. I’m not sure if I’ll have the answers but I’ll try.


Can u please give me the wedding coordinator e-mail?


you can send me the email and I will make certain Aurileo gets it!

Majestic Mike