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Majestic Wedding docs


Does anybody know which wedding documents need to be translated for The Majestic?

I’m specifically wondering about witnesses passports and if the birth certificate needs to be long form.



its the same for all the dominican republic.

Passport (photocopies)
birth cert.(photocopies)
single affidavite original and photocopy

the witness don’t need there drivers lisence and birth certificate translated or legalize ( you just need to have them when you meet with the WC)

you need the long form birth cert. I have heard of the short one being used, but i asked my resort and they said no, need the long form. just ask your WC that and she will be able to tell you.

iam sending mine to wedo.com.do. they are based out of texas and alot cheaper to use then in Canada. Its legal. if you never been married it will be $290.00 plus $28 for them to fed ex them back



Thanks Michelle.

I’ve noticed that some (most) resorts require legalized birth certificates. Can you tell me what that means and how I go about legalizing my birth certificate if it isn’t already.




iam not sure where you were born. I was born in Ontario. they have two types of birth certificates. a short form and a long form (which is the one your parents filled out when you were born) they are both legalized. just google bbirth cert. from the province you were born (i googled Ontario birth cert.) and got the official website for that province.