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Malaria diagnosis NOT YET confirmed


we as a group travelled to Breezes Puerto Plata March 4th to the 11th this year…we were all sick for a portion of the trip …some worse than others…we have just received confirmation that
one person in our party has tested positive for Malaria…two more people are being tested tonight…just a warning for those going to Puerto Plata to take the malaria med’s…it is present…the symptoms are like having the flu…bad cramps…vomiting.We were told that the malaria scare was in Punta Cana in January…and needless to say we did not take the med’s…don’t make the same mistake as we did!!! protect yourself!!

[b]Malaria diagnosis has not been confirmed by lab tests. Several cases have come back as negative and several are still pending.



Thank you for the info I was debating on taking the meds or not. Now I am :o


good for you tammy…thanks for the reply…pass the info on to others if you can!!


I would take this slow, folks. There’s no need to panic. I also want to make it very clean that I am not doubting the OP’s information, just that I don’t see a need for panic.

At the risk of beating a dead horse, your best bet is to talk to your doctor, whether you’re heading down shortly or just came back and are feeling ill. One thing that we can be fairly confident about is, because of the recent outbreak in the PC area, the organisations which watch these things are keeping a careful eye for such things and if there really is an outbreak, we should hear/see information shortly.

Let’s not panic. Please. I won’t help.



Thank you also for the reply…the post is not to cause panic but to inform people who are traveling to the DR who are debating on taking the preventitive med’s or not.I know like myself there are alot of people unaware of the threat of Malaria…I just want people to know it is real and it is present in the DR…


I checked the Health Canada website after reading this post and they are currently monitoring 3 current Canadian cases of Malaria from the Punta Cana area involving people who returned in March and 6 previous cases followed up that the patients were recovering. This update was effective today and it is still only for the Puna Cana/LaRamona area, it didn’t even mention Puerto Plata. Those symptons in the post sound just like the norovirus symptoms, how on earth would you know which one you were suffering from?? I leave for the Breezes on Friday morning. When I first mentioned the malaria drugs to my doctor in January, he was reluctant to give them to me because they are very hard on your body. I have an appointment on Thursday for my last Twinrix shot so I am going to mention it again. Hopefully this is an isolated case.


I am curious about the drugs being "hard on your body"
Could you please advise? As a 10 time visitor to PC,
we have experienced problems some of the times and some not. It is NOT always due to too much sun and booze!. We were the most sick at some of the so called
(or rated) "better resorts". This is a third world country and destination and should be treated that way. Sometimes it receives way too much defense and not enough offense. But guess what? We will go again next year!!! ;D ;D ;D


Dandd, apparently the anit-malaria drugs are really strong and they are very hard on your system which is why doctors don’t like to prescribe them unless it is absolutely necessary. When I asked in January, he didn’t think my risk warranted putting my body through the stress of taking preventive medicine. Now with a confirmed case in the Puerto Plata area it may not be so unnecessary.


Sunny,as i stated in my post ,one of the people involved is my sister who has by way of blood screens just been told this evening that she has tested positive for a strain of malaria…her boyfriend is being tested as i write this …and my wife is going in the morning for the same blood work…this is all i can tell you .


Hi Everyone!

Go to the web site & do some reading! I have done some research and at the time that we originally booked, it was in Puerta lata as well as Punta Cana.

Malaria was not in LaRomana. Our trip got cancelled to LaRomana with the Jetsgo BS, & we ended up booking to Punta Cana, but before we did we did the research.

We emailed CDC with bo answer. There was nothing new on their site, so we figured it had died down. But apparently there are 3 cases in NB & these ones are from NB as well. We originally had no intensions of taken the meds, but I went & picked up chloroquine yesterday. The side effects are not bad at all. Just be sure to take on a full belly!

Hope this helps the website is: www.cdc.gov/travel/caribean.htm

I would print the info off the site & take it in to your doctor, maybe he/she doesn’t know about the CDC!

Good luck & have a great trip!


If the op’s friend does have Malaria, their doctors in New Brunswick will definitely contact the PHAC in Ottawa, they are required to do so. The PHAC will then issue a travel bulletin for the affected area.

I cannot find anything new since Feb. 23rd and POP is not mentioned.


and from Canada


Wud, on the Health Canada website under travel advisories, the malaria information was updated today. I was in there a couple of hours ago.


My sister in Law works as a Lab Technologist at the Saint John Regional Hospital, and she confirmed over the weekend that there are indeed 2 cases of Malaria, a Mother and Daughter who returned from the DR… however she did not remember where in the DR they were, but this is another stat… no alarm, just facts as we know them.



Thanks Sunny,

I just printed it off!

Very Interesting.

Usually 1000 cases per year this year so far is 2000, that alot!

Be safe & have a good trip!


No side effects for the malaria meds for us. I was happy I took them, as I had a mosquito bite (most likely was) and also had a mosquito in our room, in PC beg of March.

However, each to their own!



Just the facts . Symtoms of malarai do not show up right away according to my doctor usually at least 10 days and up to 4 weeks after being infected he said he has only heard of one case that showed up after 7 days . no warning have been posted since feb that i can see also the dr is experiencing unusual weather extremly dry hardly any rain since january and since mosqutos need rain you would not think there would be problems of this nature ?


We took the meds, and did not have any adverse reaction, as other posters may have had.

Our neighbour also took the meds, and was the only one who showed any reaction (his skin did go slightly blotchy from the sun) he enjoyed a LOT of beverages, as we all did, with no illness.

It seems that a lot of these people were sick immediately.

I have to ask, when were they all bitten, and how long into the vacation did this happen?

Just curious.

All in all, to each his/her own on the taking of the meds, its your body, your life, your choice.


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The latest update from Canada (Mar 29)
doesn’t even mention Puerto Plata.
It does reference three preliminary reports for travellers that went to Punta Cana.


First, I hope that your sister and Boyfriend and anyone else travelling with you is ok!! What a horrible thing to have happend to you on vacation. I am currently taking the meds and even though they are not 100% they should help to prevent Maleria. I have not had any side effects. Please keep us posted.


Better safe then sorry! Anna & I also took “Malarone” as prescribed by our doctor. Absolutely no side effects as far as we’re concerned.