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Malaria & Mosquitos

We will be going to the Dominican in January & staying at the Bahia Principe - this is our first time to the DR. Just wondering if anyone has problems with Mosquitos & if you take the malaria pills.

Historically, it hasn’t been an issue on the north coast.

Still you should seek medical advice from your doctor on this issue.

Absolutely. I neglected to say that.

Do bring bug spray,there will be some also noseeums around your ankles unless i’m there then they will be to busy with me to bother you…

Take vitamin B1

Mossies dont like the smell/taste.

£3.00 from health food shops

Check with your doctor but we took the pills a few years ago and we all had side effects from them, and no it ws not the extra drinks.

[quote=@lovemyhollies]Take vitamin B1

Mossies dont like the smell/taste.

£3.00 from health food shops[/quote]

Depends how much they like the taste of you, I tried these last time but still got bitten! You really need to get theoldmillwright and me to come with you then you’ll be safe as all the biting bugs will be busy with us!!(You buy the tickets and I’ll be there!)

Cheers Amandalou :-*

I have try it this year for the first time too and it realy helps. I have used 2 times a day 100 mg B1. Start 2 weeks before your holiday and uring your holiday.

I have Never been bitten in all the years I have been taking them but I used to be a full bufett.

I also live on a narrowboat so we are around water always and do not get bitten.

All I can say is you were unucky or your mozzies liked the taste lol

I had never been bitten in all my times there until last week. Just got back and i am covered in bites, not sure if it was mosquitos, sand flees or bed bugs but 4 of the 7 of us are covered. go prepared.

We have not been bitten much maybe once or twice on the ankles at night.
Our children used liquid protection instead of tablets.