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I’m going to the South coast of the Dominican, between La Roma and Santo Domingo, staying at Coral Costa Caribe. Are people taking Malaria pills before they go down to this area? It seems we are border line and I’m wondering what everyone else is doing?


Always take your doctor’s advice as to taking any type of meds. There is no malaria warnings however in the DR. Some members take the pills while others do not but like I stated always talk to your doctor first and take his advice :sunglasses:


Updated malaria warning:



As you can note it is an advisory and not a warning and the advisory is at a level one which is the lowest level there is.
Also they say the risk is higher in the rural areas. The resorts do spray almost every single day to prevent from having the little bugs around. :sunglasses:


Actually, I just read the Canadian Public Health advisory and it said the travellers were infected while vacationing in the Punta Cana area Dec. 15-26, 2006 - that was just last month.

The advisory recommends anti-malaria medication and protecting yourself by using insect repellent and staying indoors during peak bug-biting times.

Those who are concerned should talk to their doctor, but statistically speaking, you’re probably at greater risk of contracting some godawful bug-related illness here at home in Canada during the summer - west nile disease from the skeeters and lyme disease from the ticks. Keep it all in perspective and have fun. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, I also did some more research and the CDC in the us specifically notes Punta Cana because it is in the Province of Alta Gracia (I think that is how it is spelt) I went on here because my kids are university and both went to different travel clinics, one said to take it one said ddn’t it. So I was confused, they were both gov’t approved Travel Clinics, go figure.


Oh the Canadian Health System!! I guess Tommy Douglas is rolling over in his grave. :sunglasses: