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Just wondered if Malaria is an issue?
Are prescriptions recommended?


you should look into FAQ section for answers to that question


And… as always, check with your physician. The decision should be made by you after talking with a health care professional, one who hopefully has a little knowledge of travel medicince.


But generaly, if you stay on the resort, on organized tours, in populated areas and away from the jungle, you should have no problem, we haven’t in the last 7 yrs


Navy…glad to hear that you have had no problems in 7 yrs…we live in Ontario and the travel medicine unit here along with health Canada are still recommending malaria meds…my doc wrote a pres for hubby and myself…since hubby is a regular blood donor, we have also learned that he can’t give blood for 6 months upon return. I think we will take the meds since it has been recommended by all three sources…travel clinic. health canada and out physician.
What have other travel clinics been saying I wonder?


living in Ontario myself, now this is just my opinion , nothing more nothing less… but i believe west nile here in Ontario is a bigger threat then Malaria in PC

In NO WAY LET MY OPINION alter your OPINION on this issue


Well I agree that west nile is an issue here…we don’t have an option to take anti west nile meds… but for DR there is that option to take anti malaria meds…and it is up to each individual wheter or not to take them , after careful consideration and discussion with there own physician. I am in no way saying that everyone should take them…only that we are going to based on our dr and heath canada’s rec…I think the CDC in US also recomends them as well. Having not had this experience before it is new to us. We understand there could be some unpleasant side effects to the meds. I have a cpl of health issues myself and feel that it is in my best interest to take them. It certanly appears that many don’t take them and they do just fine. I love this forum…I don’t know of anywhere else we could find out what each other thinks about such issues.
happy travels to all


Just in case you would like another opinion. I live in the States and my doctors and health departments do recommend chloraquin 1 week before your departure… I have done a lot of asking and I have encountered more people that have gone without it then with it. We are going to go without it! Have a great trip! 13 more days for us!!! Bavaro Princess here we come!!!


I called my HMO (Kaiser Permanente) and the travel docs did not recommend malaria meds and just advised me to wear bug spray, especially if out at night. They claimed that the resorts all spray etc and as long as I was not venturing into the jungle or away from the resort areas, that the meds were not needed. Surprising given that the CDC recommends that travellers to Punta Cana take the meds.


My US Dr. also said not necessary. So, we will bring a good DEET bug spray though if needed.