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Hi, I have recently read that traverlers to the Punta Cana region are now being told to take malaria prophylaxix. Does anyone know if there is a recommendation to do the same for Samana?


See our FAQ for the appropriate links.


We were advised to take medication for Malaria (we’re from Canada)…not sure if everything is the same, but it wasn’t covered by my benefits (because its not needed for living in Canada), but only cost us $48 for enough meds for both of us.


Hi we just returned from GBP El Portillo in Samana and were not worried about Malaria as the occurences have all been in the Eastern End of the Island, far from Samana.

You should check the DFAIT website and the Canadian Public Health Agency website prior to departure.

Relax and have fun!


I thought Canadians had universal HC. My normal Bluecross Blueshield insurance covers the cloriquine. I guess universal isn’t really universal after all.


We will be taking our Malaria meds for our trip in 3 weeks. My doctor feels that it is better to be safe than sorry, and we did take them a few years ago without any side effects. My co-workers sister in law honeymooned in PC a few years ago, and she did end up being one of the Canadian statistics that year. She is okay now, but went through a scary time. :o

trsigley” Canadians do have universal coverage as far as doctor appointments, hospital visits etc. but unless you have a drug plan, you have to pay for any prescription meds. That just isn’t part of the deal. :frowning:

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