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Manati Park?


Hello to all you lovely travellers! ;D

I’m new to this forum, and I already love it! I’ve been reading just about every post I can find on Punta Cana as I’ll be there from Oct 24-31, staying at the Ocean Bavaro Spa & Beach Resort.

Anyway, it’s always been my dream to swim with dolphins. I was hoping to go to Ocean World, but when we booked in Punta Cana that dream was shot. Then I started doing research on Manati Park. It sounds nice, but I read a lot of nasty things about it on another forum. But unfortunately the posts mostly consisted of “Don’t go there, they treat their dolphins poorly” But no other details or proof.

Now I’m worried. I don’t want to support an aqaurium/establishment that abuses it’s dolphins.

Can you folks shed some light on this situation for me? Should I support this place? Is it even worth it? (For those of you who have been there & swam with the dolphins)

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Amanda,

Alot of people refuse to go to Manti Park and I am one of them because of there treatment of the dolphins. They are kept in an extremley small pool. Also the dophins they have do not live for very long. They are constantly overworked! I think if it is your dream to swim with dolphins then Manti Park is not for you as IMHO it would be far too upsetting for me to see them in a small pool well it looks more like a concrete tank! Ocean World is definately the place to go and Thomsons an english company do a trip to Ocean World it is expensive but well worth it. This is my opinion of the place and I personally would not give them even an entrance fee to keep this park alive. IMHO!



IMHO I do not care how big a tank is…it could be as big as a football stadium for all I care and I dont believe dolphins should be there…they belong in the ocean.

So even if the tank is big it would still be upsetting…I do not think a bigger tank would make it any better. A tank is a tank. If you were in prison and they moved you to a bigger room…so what you are still there…why??

So why does a big tank make it better for then?? I dont velieve that it does…it is unnatural for them…unnatural by the way of dolphins “migrate” or whatevr the word is to different waters in the different seasons for different reasons. How can they do that in a tank??
etc etc…


Ocean World has no tanks for Dolphins they are in a very large managed sea lagoon, I have seen their dolphins well cared for and not overworked. But to go from PUJ to Ocean World is a cross country flight, I know it is offered but do not know the cost.
Ocxean World will soon be building a new facility in Punta Cana.


IMHO the only place for dolphins belong along with the ocean is on the helmet of a Miami Football team. ;D ;D


Hello Amanda from amanda, boy will this get confusing now!! Welcome to Debbie’s and I hope you get loads of helpful information from all our friends here.

By the way there is also an amandat on the forum so stand by to be misrecognised!

Heyho, cheers Amanda :-*


You big suck-up. I bet someone gave you a big hug for that one.


please don’t go to Manati Park or Dolphin Island
the pool of every resort in Punta Cana is bigger than the tanks for the dolphins
they kill the dolphins there


signed…wow I hope it works to close it…I would not support that at all. They are not going to get my money…you should send that email out to everyone you know to sign, and hopefully the word gets out not to go there.


what does everyone think of marinaruim. I was hoping to snorkel with the rays


This is somewhat different, it is a party boat cruise with a glass bottom viewing room, on arrival at the reef you can go into the water inside a large netted off area to swim with the tropical fish which includes sharks and rays that are kept inside this netted area.

My son went on it and said it was very enjoyable.