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Map of Playa Dorada Complex


Guess I have lost my touch, looking for the map with all the Resorts in the Playa Dorada Complex, can’t find it anywhere, think it was MapLady that had it. Can anyone help?


You can still find the one I did (well modified) a few years ago via the links in our FAQ section. It’s a little out of date but it will give you the general idea. Bear in mind that Caribbean Village, Fun Royale/Tropicale, Victoria, Allegro Playa Dorada are all closed. Holiday Village Golden Beach is now Allegro Puerto Plata.


Thanks Bob, nice to see you still on here ! I now have the map I was looking for thanks to you, again. What has happened to all those Resorts you mentioned?? Closed or open under other name?


All closed at the moment and likely to remain that way for some time.


On the map of Playa Dorado, where would the Celuisma now be located?


It’s actually Celuisma Tropical Playa Dorada and it’s labeled Tropical Playa Dorada on the map.


I like this page … it uses Google maps, but users get to keep it up to date!



It could use some of that, but Tropical Playa Dorada (the Celuisma) is correctly shown.

edit: the pop ups when you hover your mouse pointer appear to be much better than the labeling.