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Marea del Portillo and the Farallon -- Tours and prices

Here is a list of the tours and prices for the Marea del Portillo and Farallon. they are from a fantastic website created by Norm And Lilly [a href=“http://”]http://www.manzanillodecuba.net/excursions.html[/a]

Hope you find this helpful.

[strong]Bayamo City Tour[/strong]: 55 CUC,  Vist to cigar factory, tour around the city in a horse and carriage, walking tour of the old part of the city.

[strong]Cuba night in Pilon:[/strong] Saturday night 5 CUC

[strong]Visit to National Park[/strong]: 39 CUC, Visit to archeological trail, bird watching, stop by fishing community of Cabo Cruz, Lunch and walking tour of Niquero

[strong]Jeep Safari Santiago[/strong]: 95 CUC, Trasfer in 4x4 jee[p, stop at revolution square, visit to shop, museum of del Morro, walking tour of old part of city, lunch.

[strong]Turquino National Park[/strong]:  69 CUC, Jeep safari to Alto del Naranjo, hike to La Plata headquarters, lunch, free time to swim in natural pool.

[strong]Jeep Adventure at las Yaguas[/strong]:  49 CUC Transfer in 4x4 jeep, hiking in the mountain, observation of flora and fauna, swimming in natural pool. Cuban linch.

[strong]Horse Adventure:[/strong] 35 CUC  Bus to town of Mota, horseback riding through forest, nature walk around the mountain, freetime for swimming in natural pool. Cuban lunch

[strong]Horseback riding:[/strong] 5 CUC  1 hr.

[strong]Horse and carriage ride[/strong]: 4 CUC horse and buggy ride around the area2 hrs

[strong]Walking tour to Silantro river[/strong]: 5 CUC guide, nature walk around the mountain, swimming in natural pool 4hrs

[strong]Trekking to Turquino peak[/strong]: (45 CUC 2 days), (3 days, 65 CUC) and (4 days, 99 CUC)

[strong]Open sea Tour[/strong]: 35 CUC boat ride and fishing, snorkeling in coral reef, free time for swimming at Cayo Blanco, open bar and sea food lunch

[strong]Sunset Cruise:[/strong] 15 CUC Boat ride enjoy the sunset in the open sea, open bar.

[strong]Sunset Cruise with seafood dinner[/strong]: (3 hrs)15 CUC Boat ride enjoy the sunset in the open sea, open bar. with sea food dinner.

[strong]Deep sea Fishing [/strong]200 CUC (4 hrs) enjoy fishing in the open sea, open bar.

[strong]Snorkeling [/strong]10 CUC (1 hr0 transfer by boat to coral reef.

[strong]Cayo Blanco Seafari [/strong]25 CUC Transfer by boat, swimming, open bar, luncj on white sand beach.

[strong]Three villiage visit [/strong]7 CUC  (3 hrs) visit three nearby villiages by bus

Better tours there than in Varadero - Si !!! Thanks for the info.

Kewy people at theres two resoprts ::

  1. Sunwing Rep. - Elina.
    2.Best taxi driver - FRavio.
    3.Rent a car Manager - Santiago.
    4.T%our sales - Anita
  2. Guest relations Manager - Alianis.
    All speak perfect English.

Short taxi rides + - CUC $ 0.85 km. You should book early as there are only a few taxis in the area. Theu run on km - not on clock and you can get a contract rate.

Concerning the hikes to Turquino. When I was there I tried to go on any trek up the mountain that was available, but they were always cancelled due to wet slopes. I suppose that was a valid reason, but it was frustrating.

The Cayo Blanco day trip was a real treat. We took a short ride on the bus to a small dock, went by boat over to the island, it took several trips back and forth to bring everyone. Doesn’t take long. Spent the day snorkeling, looking for shells amongst the mangroves, reading, drinking, kayaking, and enjoyed a really good barbecue. Really really relaxing

I went several times over a two week period as I had the VIP package and didn’t have to pay.

Also went on the lagoon tour and the sunset cruise, all imcluded with the VIP package.

Can you tell me more about the VIP package? And are these tours from Varadero? I did Cayo Blanco (no dolphins) in 2011 and it was amazing.

Oh this is a different Cayo Blanco. This is from Marea del Portillo, in the south east of Cuba facing the caribbean.

This Cayo Blanco is a very small island, not far from shore and the only people that will be on it are the people from the hotel, Farallon or Marea del Portillo. So possibly only forty or fifty people.

The Cayo Blanco on the Varadero catamaran trip had hundreds if not a thousand people there, so very different atmosphere.

Ohhhhhkay, gotcha. When I went to the Varadero Cayo Blanco, it wasn’t too crowded feeling, because we got there before the dolphin boats did; we were the only boat-load in the dining area, and we had first pick of the beach.

here are some photos from the Marea cayo Blanco;

[img width=“676” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/marea%20del%20Portillo%20cuba/PC030088_zps34f50c36.jpg” style=“max-width:100%;” height=“481”]
This is a view of the island from a kayak, that’s pretty well the whole place:

[img width=“714” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/marea%20del%20Portillo%20cuba/PC020046_zps6b846305.jpg” style=“width:687px;height:488px;max-width:100%;” height=“510”]

[img width=“697” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/marea%20del%20Portillo%20cuba/PC020044_zpsc3fb0bb4.jpg” style=“max-width:100%;” height=“533”]

[img width=“660” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/marea%20del%20Portillo%20cuba/PC020043_zps0cbfa2be.jpg” style=“width:693px;height:537px;max-width:100%;” height=“526”]

[img width=“744” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/marea%20del%20Portillo%20cuba/PC020037_zps65b4403a.jpg” style=“width:697px;height:507px;max-width:100%;” height=“556”]

[img width=“718” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/marea%20del%20Portillo%20cuba/PC020036_zps08481dec.jpg” style=“max-width:100%;” height=“564”]

Why were the photos deleted ?

Now they are back ???

[quote=@sssnakesalive]here are some photos from the Marea cayo Blanco;

Gorgeous photos and amazing Marea Cayo Blanco area … mmm I wish I am there now!! Thanks for sharing

Best budget resort in Cuba - Si !!!

I did the Las Yaguas tour - 49 CUC. We went in Jeeps deep into the mountains (our driver was Toledo, very good driver) and he pointed out wild peacocks and the tocororo in the trees as well as stopped to let us take pics of anything. The waterfall is amazing and the water is so clear. Great lunch at a little farm ranch where they grew their own plums, mangoes,etc and had a bee hive, as well as all the usual farm animals. This trip has been one of the highlights of all my Cuba travels.

I plan to do a short visit to Marea in May.

Anita Castro sells tours in these resort and she loves canned salmon - Si !!!