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Marea Del Portillo / Farallon - Tours And :::

Things to do :::
These two resorts are very rural , ocean front with mountains nearby. Most of the tours are marine or ocean related.
Marine $$$

  1. Sunset cruise by yacht.
    2…Lunch , snorkel by yacht to Cayo Blanco.
  2. Party fishing , snorkeling , shore lunch by yacht.
  3. Eastern shore cruise by yacht.
  4. Ship wreck scuba by jeep.
    Land $$$
  5. Horse back riding - field or mountain.
    2…Jeep mountain tour and bird watching / swimming at the water fall.
  6. City tour of Niquero Manzanillo or Bayamo.
    To be continued on your own with little cost

Gordon, do you have prices for any of these excursions?

Sorry no but I will email the resort for prices.


Please post when you have the pricing so this thread will be of more value, especially to first time visitors.

Thank you, Cubakingone!

Your excursion list helps a lot. I believe some of these excursions are included in my VIP bonus package already. Thank you.

You are correct - some are in the VIP package.
Little or no cost:::

  1. Do the a la carte resort restaurant.
  2. Evening sunsetmeal at the Midador restaurant in Pilon.
  3. Do a private home restaurant in Marea.
  4. Visit the Celia Sanchez museum in Pilon.
  5. Beach walhing - mounain hiking.
  6. Kayak experience.
  7. Evening at the disco.
  8. Take in the evening stage shows.
  9. Hike the hill behind the Farallon
  10. Get up early for sun rise photos.
  11. Do a horse cart ride around Marea.
  12. Do a work out in the wewight room.
  13. Take hike into the cactus park.
  14. Take photos of the iguanas behind thew Farallon.
  15. Rent a car for half a day and do the isolated beach near Niquero.